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These Are the Hottest Sneakers and Topics of 2022 According to You!

Hottest Sneakers of 2022

Being a sneakerhead isn’t a region-exclusive hobby, people from all around the globe are able to participate in this culture of ours. Every enthusiast has different tastes, ranging from only buying from a single brand, to having an eclectic collection. While day-to-day it’s easy to spot what’s popular in your small section of the world, sometimes it’s hard to pick what's hot around the world. We’ve sifted through tonnes of data to get you the answers that you’ve been looking for.

We’re midway through 2022 and wanted to look back at the first half of the year to find out what have been the hottest sneakers and topics – according to our readers. Down below you’ll find multiple categories, ranked 1-10 by popularity, aka the amount of people reading certain pieces of content on Sneaker Freaker, and the Up and Comers section shows the silhouettes that've had a rise in popularity over the past six months. Unsurprisingly, Nike has taken the number one spot as the hottest brand, but as you creep down the list there are plenty of surprises!

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