The Best Sneakers From 2018's First Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet

Swapmeet 25

The year's first Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet has shut up shop leaving bulging pockets (or empty ones, depending on which side of the stall you stood) and polished rotations in its wake.

The event was packed with the usual mayhem: kids trying to sneak in ahead of time were jettisoned, and when we did open the doors a wave of clouty punters rolled in like the charge of the hype brigade.

Hype DC’s limited t-shirts were a hit, as were the garms XLARGE was screen-printing on-site, but the on-foot stunting was the theme of the day. Wide tastes were on display as flexers broke out everything from early-2000s SB colabs to Futurecraft releases. Off-White was as popular as you’d expect, with a drop from The Ten always in sight. A special shout-out to the person who was brave enough to wear Phat Pharms in a post-prep world, and to everyone who laced up their infants in hype for tykes.

Those who missed out, hook your veins up to the above gallery for your on-foot fix, and stay tuned for news on our next event later this year.

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