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The Best Sneaker-Adjacent Accessories of All Time

LEGO adidas SuperstarLEGO adidas Superstar

Spike Lee’s fictional Mars Blackmon character once proclaimed, ‘Money, it’s gotta be the shoes!’ But what if it was more than just sneakers? As it turns out, most athletic footwear brands – turned cultural juggernauts – have diversified their offerings with all sorts of sneaker-adjacent bric-a-brac, merch and memorabilia. Some are simply generic items with logos slapped on, while others completely reinterpret the sneaker form as semi-practical worldly objects. These are the best out there.

Sports Illustrated Sneaker Phone (1990s)

Move over Maxwell Smart – Sports Illustrated have the Sneaker Phone. In the early 1990s, the popular periodical ran a promotion for prospective subscribers by including a fully functioning sneaker-shaped phone. According to Wikipedia, the Kinetic Marketing Inc. company produced this sort of thing for publications back in the day. Watch the video above to see it fool customers who definitely aren’t paid actors with a case of the giggles. Also check out what sat on sport store shelves circa 1990!

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