The Best Shoe Racks and Storage Solutions For Every Type of Sneakerhead

Louis Vuitton Sneaker Box
Louis Vuitton

Sneaker Freaker’s Tips and Tricks for Storing Your Kicks is a useful nugget of advice for keeping collections of all sizes well organised and neat. A major consideration is the physical means by which to actually store and/or display shoes, whereby every sneakerhead has different circumstances. For example, a humble 10-pair rotation in a college dorm requires a different storage solution versus a 200-pair Instagram flex, and vice versa. With that in mind, here are some of the best types of shoe racks and sneaker storage that money can buy right now.

Home Depot Shoe Rack
Home Depot

Back to Basics: Shelving

Before footwear-specific storage existed, there was the simple shelving unit. Basic shoe racks are essentially mini shelves. The ShoeZeum was basically a warehouse with row after row of shoe shelves. Shelves may be the easiest W ever in a sneakerhead’s life, because you can easily find them at hardware stores, homemaker shops, big-box stores, and the Internet. The budget option is to convert an existing shelf – unlike Mrs Glick’s $90 candy dish, that old bookcase can hold sneakers too. Or take the DIY approach and construct some using materials acquired from the aforementioned retailers.

Over-The-Door Shoe Organiser

Limited Space: Over-The-Door

In situations where floor space is low, and sneaker piles are high – such as college dorms or inner-city apartments – it might be best to get all those kicks off the ground. Over-the-door shoe organisers are a quick and easy way to store and access sneaker rotations. However, this type of storage is often restricted to low- and mid-cuts, so you might have to keep the shin-scraping high-tops elsewhere! This option is also best used for a tight rotation, because about 30 pairs is the maximum that can be safely held on most OTD organisers.

IKEA Platsa

Median Options

IKEA’s modular designs and Scandi sensibility resonates with countless homemakers, so its ubiquity is evidence of its success. The PLATSA system integrates various components – including shelving and drawers – to fit any room, and there is a shoe shelf too! It fits about 24 pairs, and sits the footwear on a slant for easy access and pretty presentation (when shoes are stored toes out). While the more frequently worn or additional shoes can be stored separately on another rack – refer to the Back To Basics section above.

The Container Store Drop Front Shoe Cases
The Container Store

For Flexing (And Easy Access)

Ever felt like rocking a particular sneaker, only to find it at the very bottom of a stack of shoeboxes? Enter the drop-front sneaker box. By moving the lid to the side of the box instead of the top, shoes can be accessed wherever they are in the pile. They’re also typically made transparent to easily identify/flex the contents inside. The Container Store sell packs of six that can be stacked quite high – the taller the tower (and more hype sneakers inside), the more Instagram likes.

Louis Vuitton Sneaker Box
Louis Vuitton

Ballers Only: Louis Vuitton Sneaker Box

Generally speaking, the total value of the sneakers on a rack will be much much higher than the cost of the rack itself. However, that is likely not the case with the Louis Vuitton Sneaker Box. It’s one of those items priced at ‘if you have to ask, it’s probably not for you’ dollars. In fact, the LV website won’t even list the cost. With monogram canvas outers, leather hardware, ‘Ruthenium brass metallic pieces’, and hidden drawers to store accessories, it’s no wonder this crazy case has a built-in lock!

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