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The Art of Buying and Selling Sneakers on eBay

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The Australian sneaker scene changed forever in 1999 when heads Down Under were no longer geographically isolated from copping international sneaker heat. This was all thanks to the introduction of eBay, which in the 20-plus years since its arrival has enabled sneakerheads to hunt down Grails from Tokyo to Toongabbie! With nearly 12 million unique visitors to the site each month, many will already be familiar with the eBay platform, but here are some extra tips and tricks to become a baller buyer or PowerSeller in no time!

Tips for Buyers

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Narrow It Down

With tens of thousands of sneakers available on eBay Australia alone – not to mention international listings – there certainly is a lot to choose from! While all of the usual filters like brand, size and colour are easy peasy ways to find the right pair, eBay have introduced a new Authenticity Guarantee filter to ensure the sneakers sold are 100 per cent legit. Sneakers under this filter are sent to eBays Authentication Centres in the US and Australia where they undergo a stringent legit check by third-party experts. Upon passing that check, a digital certificate of authenticity is contained within a tag included with the shoes before being received by the buyer.

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Search by SKU

With the immense number of shoes out there – some with the same nickname (looking at you ‘Court Purple’) – it helps to be super specific. Sneakerheads are pretty savvy now, using SKU codes to look for exact models. Vintage hunters will even search for sneakers by production year, so try also adding that into the mix.

,eBay Contact Seller

Ask the Seller

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the seller to ask questions. Ask for more pictures for peace of mind, or to clarify shipping options if they’re not clear. In some cases, it’s also worth asking if they’ve got any other interesting shoes they haven’t yet listed. Get first dibs!

Tips for Sellers

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Use Listing Templates

Becoming a Top Rated seller is one of the ultimate achievements as an eBay user. If moving lots of shoes is your goal, eBay lets you save templates for your items that pre-fill most of the product’s information. Simply change details like size, colour and SKU, then attach photos.

Sneaker Freaker Camera Lens

Take Detailed Photos

A listing can have up to 12 photos, so make full use of that! Front, back, sides and soles are essential, but refer back to the point about savvy sneakerheads. They’re now double checking size tags and box labels too, so don’t forget to include those areas. Where possible, shoot the sneakers against a white background and get that good lighting! After all, a picture speaks a thousand words… but don’t forget to write a detailed description too.

eBay Listing End Time

Time the Listing

Not every sneakerhead will want to be up at 3am waiting to bid on a listing. If the sneakers are going to be sold via auction, consider setting the end time to when bid activity should be at its highest. Most users are online between 7pm and 9pm, but it’s worth experimenting if you have plenty of pairs to sell.

In the mood to cop or sell kicks? Hop on eBay now and get started!

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