The Art of Buying Aftermarket Sneakers

Art Of The Aftermarket

Sneakerheads love one thing and that is, of course, our sneakers. Arguably one of the most infuriating things about being a sneakerhead is when the shoes that you’ve been lusting after for weeks sell out and you get slapped with a major L. Where do you go from now? Well, the sneaker aftermarket of course!

The sneaker aftermarket not only has majorly over-priced kicks, it is also home to grimey resellers and scammers. However, it can also contain crazy steals, under retail savings, and hidden gems that you didn’t know existed. Never mind the pros and cons, the sneaker aftermarket is a whole other world in itself, and is extremely hard to navigate if you’re in the early stages of being a sneaker enthusiast. For any newbie on the scene, there are so many platforms to buy and sell your goods, it can become extremely overwhelming.

Thankfully for you, we have decided to create a guide to show you how to navigate the sneaker aftermarket.

1. The Sneaker You’re Looking For

Obviously when you go perusing into the different realms and platforms of the sneaker aftermarket, you will usually have a particular pair of kicks in mind. The sneakers that you’re looking for will determine your budget and where you’ll look. Start off with an approximate number in your head and, when you start to look, adjust your budget accordingly.

For this guide we’ll be using the atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light. As a currency we’ll be using USD, and exploring platforms from StockX to Facebook.

2. Condition

Next step is to decide what condition you’re willing to buy the shoes in. Depending on your tastes, that could be a worn pair, deadstock, or 5/10 condition. At the end of the day, what you’re comfortable paying for is completely up to you. Some people don’t mind paying the extra few bucks for a DS pair, while others – especially those balling on a budget – look for beat pairs to flex until they fall apart.

3. What platform should you use?

Multiple platforms have been created to make it easier than ever to buy, sell and trade our kicks. Companies such as StockX, GOAT, KLEKT and Flight Club have been set up so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, or come in contact with another human, to participate.

The question of which platform to use is a tricky one. Because places like StockX and GOAT are relatively new, wary customers are often asking questions about legitimacy and price. However, the names mentioned above are all legit organisations, and they could (not always) be more expensive because they are providing a service. Buying through them creates peace of mind that the shoe in question will be authentic, and in good condition.

Sadly, not all of us can afford to cop DS pairs. So, to continue to fuel our sneaker addiction, we head to Grailed, eBay and/or Facebook. Good deals can be made on used sneakers that may have minimal flaws but definitely won’t pass as deadstock. Making friends is also an added bonus, with sneaker and streetwear Facebook groups usually forming a tight-knit community around them, giving even more reasons to get involved!

Stockx Nike Air Max2 Light Atmos Side Shot 1,

4. Finding the best price

Let’s take a look at the difference in prices on all the platforms. Retail for the atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light was $160, and we’ll use size 11 as an example.

StockX: $170

GOAT: $170

Flight Club: $180

Stadium Goods: $419

KLEKT: $267

If you have the cash to splash, then all of these platforms are extremely reliable, providing a smooth service from giving your card details to having them arrive at your door step. Your kicks will get legit checked and inspected before they are shipped off, and if something does go wrong you’ll be covered. However, always make sure that you look around at multiple places, including Facebook, Grailed and eBay. Be sure to check stores worldwide, because the occasional pair may be sitting and waiting for you to swoop!

5. Make the cop

All those chips you’ve been saving for weeks now can finally be spent, and you’ll have the beautiful pair in your hands in no time! Remember to always keep in mind that, when dealing with the sneaker aftermarket, not everyone has the best intentions. So be wary of scammers and fake pairs. If a price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. If you’re ever struggling, ask a fellow sneaker homie.

Happy hunting!

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