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Street Style Tips For the Modern Sneakerhead

James Harden Balenciaga Street LookJames Harden Balenciaga Street Look

Back in the day, also known as the early 2000s, sneakerheads were social pariahs. They were a weird bunch that would spend their paychecks on new instead of new socks. A popular pairing with these Jordans was washed-out bootcut denim in unironic homage to their style icon Michael Jordan. Looking back, these fashion transgressions were forgivable, because sneakerheads rocked the freshest kicks.

Today, it seems like everybody is a sneakerhead, so the playing field has been reset. No longer does a nice pair of sneakers save a poorly matched ensemble. It’s never been more important that your outfit is as sharp as your shoes. After all, the jawnz maketh the sneakerhead. You don’t have to dress like a traffic cone as your statement look, but with this dead serious advice from our resident fashionistas, you’ll standout from a crowd of general-release sneakerheads.

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