Sole Mates: How to Share Your Sneaker Addiction with Your Significant Other

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to take your relationship with sneakers to the next level. If things could do with some spicing up, consider adding a third party: your significant other. Sneaker swinging is hardly taboo these days, so here are some saucy suggestions to get the ménage à trainers going.

Should Your Significant Other Be Involved in the First Place?

Unless your name is Quentin Tarantino or Imelda Marcos, your SO might not currently comprehend why your day begins and ends with feet. The cornerstone of any successful relationship – romantic, platonic or otherwise – is understanding each other and, better yet, having common interests. If you already share hobbies, maybe an addition to that list wouldn’t hurt. Otherwise, maybe the softly-softly approach with the occasional shoe gift is the way to go. In that case, check out this Valentine’s Day guide here.

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Couples Who Wear the Same Sneakers Together Stay Together

Industry figures are becoming increasingly vocal about inclusive sizing for sneakers. Leading by example is the best start: couple dressing doesn’t stop above the ankles! Core classics like the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star have been available from size 3 to 16 (women’s 5 to 18) for yonks, but discerning couples can now go matchy-matchy with limited drops like Jordans and SB Dunks now available in sizes that won’t require any member of the relationship double-layering socks or lopping off toes.

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Don’t Hate Their Taste – Curate It

Taste is highly, highly subjective. If your SO pays little attention to sneakers, it’s likely their only exposure to what you live and breathe is whatever shoe is currently in the ,social media limelight. Don’t get frustrated by being bombarded with basic questions like ‘Where to buy X?’ or ‘Are Yeezys still cool?’ – don’t hate, educate. Refer them to foremost sneaker websites like Sneaker Freaker and give them time to develop their own opinions and footwear preferences. Then, maybe one day, they’ll be into collecting archive ACG or Japan-only releases – for some of you sneaker nerds out there, you’ll know that’s when you’ve found the [Air Force] One!

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You know what they say about big feet...

It’s Not a Competition

Everyone gets into sneakers at different points in time, and engages with them in different ways. So there’s no point in one-upping each other over who owns a bigger collection, or who has memorised more obscure product codes. Because that breeds resentment and, worst case scenario, the honeymoon period between you, shoes, and boo will crumble faster than that vintage deadstock pair of Air Max 1s you’ve been saving for the One. Similarly, unless you’re playing podiatrist, you are proving nothing by bragging about your shoe size.

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Keep it freaky and keep it fun. | via LUISAVIAROMA

Know Your Limits

Even if you spend all your time with sneakers, your fledgling shoelace lover might not want to do the same. Forcing the is-shoe in inappropriate situations or breaching boundaries is a big no-no. Again, communication and understanding is key in figuring out what gets the soles slapping and Air bags clapping. Until you’re both comfortable, maybe leave the rope laces and shiny black BAPE STAs by the bedroom door. And make sure your ‘safe word’ is something simple like ‘Fieg’ and not ‘Zvezdochka’.

And for the lonely sneakerheads among you, always know your hands will be full with Ls anyway. But if you’re on the verge of finding a sole mate, check out this list of sneakers you should rock on that first date to maximise your chances of getting the W.

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