What’s the Rumour Mill Saying? 2024 Will Be a Big Year

Air Jordan 4 'Military Blue'
Via: Jordan Brand

The sneaker rumour mill is running rampant this year! Already for 2024, there’s a swathe of heat that’s allegedly meant to be touching down. From OG Air Max colourways to historic collaborations, 2024 is shaping up to be a big year for sneakers.

Nike Air Max Plus Hyper Blue
Nike Air Max Plus (2018)

Air Max Plus ‘Hyper Blue’

Back in March 2023, directly following Air Max Day celebrations, the rumour mill began to churn, hinting that the Air Max Plus was returning in its OG blue groove. It doesn’t feel that long ago since the last ‘Hyper Blue’ retro, but it’s actually been five years!

Pairs released for the silhouette’s 20th anniversary (and before that in 2014), and since this year marks the TN’s 25th anniversary, it theoretically would make sense if a retro did touch down. Also take into account that the Tuned silhouette has been pushed heavily by Nike over the past six months, with hectic colourways and wild collaborations bolstering the rumour that much further.

At the time of writing, there’s been no imagery of the 2024 pair, but we expect a similar build to the 2018 pair. Although we’re praying for more accurate gradient and Tuned lace tips.

HUF x Nike Air Max 1
HUF x Nike Air Max 1 (2004) Via: GOAT

HUF x Nike Air Max 1

Originally releasing in 2004, HUF’s, Nike Air Max 1 is another pair on the cards for a 2024 re-release. So far, Nike or HUF are yet to confirm nor deny the resurrection of their collaborative AM1. Giving this rumour some credibility is that as of next year, this colourway will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Here’s to hoping we get a taste of the ‘Dark Apple’ soon.

Air Jordan 4 Military Blue 1989
Air Jordan 4 'Military Blue' (1989) Via: Jordan Brand

Air Jordan 4 ‘Military Blue’

As the final remaining OG Air Jordan 4 colourway that is yet to receive a retro with Nike Air branding, you bet the ‘Military Blue’ rumour piqued plenty of interest. Although this isn’t the first time that the sought-after colourway has been alleged to return. Ever since the 2012 Jumpman-branded iteration, its Air-labelled counterpart has been said to be around the corner. For over a decade, sneakerhead’s hearts have been broken, but you may be able to finally get your hands on the true ‘Military Blue’ in 2024.

Next year will mark the 35th anniversary of the AJ4, so a retro of this scale could be on the cards. There’s also a SKU floating around the interweb, offering an extra glimmer of hope. The 2024 retro is said to not only feature Nike Air branding, but also a revised shape that better resembles the OG and off-white upper. May 2024 is allegedly the month to watch, so all we can do now is manifest.

Nike Field General
Nike Field General Via @NEZA1 (eBay)

Union x Nike Field General

It’s almost become a yearly tradition where once Union and Nike release a collaborative sneaker, rumours instantly surface of what the duo have coming next. This year, following the launch of the Union x Bephies Beauty Supply x Air Jordan 1, sneaker insiders began alleging that Union were set to drop a Nike Field General in 2024. There’s been no leaked imagery at the time of writing, but we hope to hear something soon.

Air Foamposite ONe Eggplant
Nike Air Foamposite One 'Eggplant' (2017)
Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy
Nike Air Foamposite One (2012) Via: Afew

Air Foamposite ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Eggplant’

Are we in the 2010s? No, Nike have just apparently decided to retro two of that decade’s biggest Air Foamposite colourways in the same year. The ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Eggplants’ are set to arrive in 2024, all amid a subtle Foam-surgence.

These rumours arrived toward the beginning of the year, following the release of 2021’s CDG collaboration – the brand responsible for reviving obscure Nike models. Throughout this year there’s been a healthy uptick in Foams, from ‘Metallic Reds’ to ‘Anthracites’, even Supreme is collaborating on the 2002 tennis-geared Courtposite.

The ‘Eggplant’ is allegedly returning in January 2024, with early imagery already circling, but it’s looking like it won’t be as iridescent as its predecessors. For the ‘Galaxy’, there’s been no word since the initial rumour.

Air Jordan 17 Varsity Red

Air Jordan 17 ‘Varsity Red’

The Air Jordan 17 is set to make a comeback soon, and allegedly alongside the 2002 ‘Varsity Red’ colourway. Surfacing in August this year, sneaker leakers were blitzing the timeline with word that the two-tone iteration will return in 2024 for the first time. While Jordan Brand hasn’t confirmed the ‘Varsity Red’ resurrection, it’s a plausible rumour that Jordan fiends are hoping it comes true.

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