Sneakerhead Resolutions for 2021

Sneaker Freaker Sneakerhead Resolutions 2021

See you later, alligator named 2020! The year sure did have plenty of bite, but that’s well and truly in the past now, so it’s time to recalibrate for 2021. There is so much opportunity and promise in the new year. The typical goals of diet, fitness and self-improvement are perhaps best left to qualified professionals and/or YouTube, but there are a handful of sneaker-oriented aspirations that we can suggest. These are the new year’s sneakerhead resolutions to achieve in 2021.

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Your author bought two pairs of the 2020 'Varsity Maize' retro – go figure.

Rock, Don’t Stock!

Probably the sneakerhead equivalent of taking up running in the new year, wearing sneakers regularly has actually proven quite challenging in recent times. Understandably, many collections and rotations have been sitting dormant for large chunks of 2020, as more time than usual was spent indoors. So, all those hyped pairs, colabs, and deadstock gems should be raring to meet the pavement in 2021. Those Dunks you hoarded in 2020 won’t wear themselves, so lace up and/or strap on some crispy kicks or broken-in beaters and get outside! It’s time to actually wear your shoes.

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Buy Your Damn Size

Beyond invasive surgery, there’s not much you can do about your current shoe size. The genetic lottery determines physical factors – including hair and eye colour, ear lobe shape, and yep, foot size. So, while it’s feasible to squeeze into something half a size smaller, or double-sock to fill up gaps when rocking the size up, be realistic. Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be – including some women’s colourways only going up to a 12 (or 10.5 men’s). To be fair, this resolution is aimed squarely at the resellers who’ll buy anything from size 7 to 13. Buy your damn size! Fair play to the boutiques who are increasingly enforcing a ‘Buy Your Size’ policy. Of course, the only exception to this rule is the younger SF readers who may be waiting for another growth spurt or two. In that case, ,size up so you can grow into them.

Converse Renew Chuck

Become a Sustainable Sneakerhead

It’s pretty tough fighting the urge to buy and consume more new kicks. While going cold turkey simply defeats the purpose of being into sneakers in the first place, it’s still possible to cop consciously. Buying second hand immediately reduces the ecological impact of the shoe game, and extends the pre-loved pair’s lifespan. Used shoes aren’t for everybody, so thankfully, there are an increasing number of new sneakers on the market made from a mixture of recycled, upcycled, repurposed, and/or natural materials, which is ultimately better for the environment. And they’re looking much nicer than the hemp sack shoes of yesteryear! Nike’s Space Hippie series, the Parley x adidas collaborations, or the Converse Renew Chucks are just three of many options from brands big and small.

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Support Women in the Sneaker Industry

Women are absolutely killing it behind the scenes of all the biggest colabs and colourways, but sometimes their stories and achievements aren’t heard nor celebrated. You’d be surprised at who may have been responsible for your favourite sneakers in 2020! It’s time to shine the light on the women in the sneaker industry. While it may be hard to know where to get started, pages like Sneakers By Women are exposing the talent that runs deep at all levels. Elsewhere, it’s important to push for more female-focussed accessibility, such as having size runs that actually cater for smaller feet ­– especially the (literally) big releases that often seem to start at a men’s 7.

Shoe Your Love Initiative Germany


Many sneakerheads will realistically have more shoes than they’ll ever wear in their entire lives, but take a moment to consider those who may not even have a single pair to protect their feet. Organisations like Soles4Souls are ensuring shoes are getting on the feet of some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world, and there are plenty of local charities who can help in closer proximity. In fact, even the local Goodwill or Salvation Army can be good places to start with donating your lightly-used shoes in good wearable condition. Please, don’t treat these places like a dumping ground for the kicks you couldn’t flip for a profit on eBay or Instagram.

The important thing about these resolutions is that there’s no deadline – some are lifelong pursuits, while others simply need to be done to achieve them. Good luck in 2021!

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