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Sneaker Stores You Must Visit in Milan

Milan One Block Down 1

Playing home to some of the world's biggest fashion houses, Milan is synonymous with quality, elegance and style – they dont call it the ‘Fashion Capital of the World’ for nothing. Birthplace of haute houses like Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Prada, the Lombardian city has expanded its sartorial horizons to the realm of streetwear and sneakers. Check out our other Sneaker Shopping Guides to find the best stores near you, and if you’re heading to Milan any time soon, keep reading – we’ve got your sneaker fix covered.

Milan Slam Jam 1
Milan Slam Jam 3
Milan Slam Jam 2

Slam Jam

Since starting in 1989 as a hotbed of Milan’s underground culture, Slam Jam have since turned into a renowned sneaker and streetwear retailer, but the store’s aesthetic feels like nothing has changed. Slam Jam's vibe exudes a level of cool befitting a streetwear scene veteran, and is mirrored in the store’s skin-and-bones decor that’ll have you wondering if the lights are really flickering or if you’re just imagining it. Take a look at the clothing racks and you’ll find high-end pieces from Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons, and Ader Error, along with the latest drops (if they’re not already sold out). Being the cultural icon it is, Slam Jam should definitely be at the top of your list.

Milan One Block Down 1

One Block Down

On holiday in Milan? You’re probably going to visit the Duomo. And if you’re also interested in sneaker shopping, you’re in luck: true to its name, One Block Down really is just one block down from the famous cathedral! In the centre of the rectangular store is a huge oval structure – floor-to-ceiling shelves of sneakers upon sneakers. Human Races, The North Face backpacks, Heron Preston socks… you name it, they’ve got it, and the friendly staff are always willing to help out. And if you’re tired of all the sightseeing and shopping, you can grab a bite to eat at the cafe in the back of the store.

Milan Special 1
Milan Special 2
Milan Special 3

Special Milano

The basketball influence runs heavy at Special Milano, with basketball-buoyed benches and a mini-court on the second floor loft. At Special you can find the latest releases, while the generous sale section hides more than a few gems! The staff are incredibly helpful and will have you sorted from top to toe. Head on over to find out what’s so special about Special!

Milan Nike Lab 1
Milan Nike Lab 2

NikeLab ST18

For all things Nike, take a pitstop at NikeLab ST18. Not your traditional Swoosh store (though Milan has one of those, too!), the NikeLab atelier is where you’ll find the newest creations. Nike are always tapping into new brands and innovating with new fabrics and models, and NikeLab is at the forefront of their latest offerings. sacai, Stranger Things, ’, and Fear of God are some major Nike colabs that you can find at NikeLab.

,Milan Airness 1
Milan Airness 2
Milan Airness 3


With a name like Airness, it’s no surprise that this store focuses on basketball, sneakers, and Michael Jordan. As you walk into the store, you are greeted by motivational slogans, and the bright lights are reminiscent of the neon signs and scoreboard at a basketball game. There are full sets of jerseys from every team in the NBA, and countless models of sneakers, from Kyries and KDs to LeBrons and Freaks. And don’t miss the tiny room hidden in the back of the store – it’s full of Jordan Brand paraphernalia, like a shrine to His Airness himself!

Milan Size 1


The name of the store itself is in invitation to come inside. size? have got all your ASICS basics, Converse classics and Diadora dailies, but they’re also a usual stockist for limited-edition releases. Other notable brands are PLEASURES, Stussy, Carhartt and Fred Perry. Be sure to check their Instagram or website for all the latest deals and drops before you go. Pro tip: get there early, as the store often gets so crowded that all the staff are too busy to ask your size?’.

Milan Par5 2
Milan Par5 1

Par 5

Stepping into Par 5 is like walking onto the eclectic, hype-themed mini-golf course of your dreams. Though we don’t usually think to combine golf and sneaker cultures, Par 5 have done it – and we’re not complaining. From the inflatable palm trees in the storefront window, to the neon lights and the wall of sneakers made to look like a golfing green, Par 5 stay on-brand in all the details. You might just need your own caddy to help you carry out all the Supreme, Yeezy, and Stone Island you’ll find in there!

Milan Spectrum 1
Milan Spectrum 3
,Milan Spectrum 2
Milan Spectrum 4

Spectrum Store Milano – Graffiti Shop & Streetwear

A shrine to all things street culture, Spectrum is a local go-to for sneaker and graff lovers alike. Their back wall is full of cans of the spray paint, while the opposite wall is home to your Reebok Instapumps, Vans, and Nike Air Max 1s. You can also find all the sneaker books, accessories and stickers you can imagine, as Spectrum has an emphasis on art and culture as well as brands.

Milan Dropout 1


In the heart of Milan, down a little side-street, you will stumble across Dropout. Though unimposing, the storefront could be the home for the Grails of your dreams. Dropout stock your typical limited-edition, already-sold-out Supreme, Nike, Off-White, and Yeezy, and the Crep Protect to go along with it. Other highlights include Louis Vuitton satchels, and Dropout original merch. For all your hype needs, drop in to Dropout!

Milan 10 Corso Como 1
Milan 10 Corso Como 2

10 Corso Como

The Dover Street Market of Milan, 10 Corso Como is an elegant amalgamation of fashion, food and art – truly representative of the city itself. A walk through the ground floor will have you feeling like you’re in a maze, and you never know what the next room will hold: an intricate art installation, an array of Gucci sneakers, or a plush chair with a dinner menu. If you continue exploring the floors, you’ll also find a bookstore, a hotel, and a roof terrace that gets packed at night. 10 Corso Como is an all-in-one art and culture stop in one of Milan’s biggest shopping streets. You could spend all day here, so if you visit make sure you save time to see the rest of Milan!

Milan Adidas 1
Milan Adidas 2

adidas Milano

While you can probably find an adidas store in any of the cities in our Sneaker Shopping Guide series, the Milan adidas store is well worth a visit. The Home of Classics combines their popular adidas Originals with Milan’s love for art and customisation. You can choose from a range of adidas Originals shoes and tees, and then choose a tattoo to personalise your work. What better way to flex your travels than through an ‘adidas Milano’ pair of kicks?

Milan Space23 1
Milan Space23 2


The name of Space23 takes on many meanings: is it a space as in outer space (hence the stars on the ceiling)? Or Space23 – a space dedicated to Michael Jordan? Whatever the real meaning, Space23 is more than just a store, it is a multi-purpose location. Sneakers like Jordans and Dunks rule the first floor, but head down the stairs and you’ll find kids hanging out, sitting on the couches or playing foosball in the centre of the room. Take a lap around the sports-themed store, pick up some kicks or clothes, and then challenge your mates to a match!

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