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Sneaker Stores You Must Visit in London


This article was updated on June 11, 2024.

Much like its cultural character, London’s sneaker scene (or should we say, ‘trainer’ scene) is as eclectic and rich in history as anywhere in the world. Often overlooked – and criminally so – London’s love for sneakers when compared to renowned hubs like New York and Tokyo isn’t quite as noticeable at a glance. However, all you need to do is take a peek at Londoners’ feet and you’ll soon realise the footwear folklore here runs deep.

Influenced by the city’s passion for football, London’s sneaker culture is comparably tribal. Whether it’s Air Force down south or Air Max up north, sneaker rotations do tend to vary depending on location. Don’t let that fool you, though – wherever your sneaker allegiance lies, you’ll find exactly what you’re after, and more, on a trip to London Town.

Mr Sneaker - Bethnal Green

Unfortunately, insane rent prices and a sluggish retail environment have forced many independent boutiques to shut-up shop in the past decade. However, local mainstay Mr. Sneaker continues to fly the flag for London’s sovereign sneaker hubs.

Revered as the first independent sneaker store in the city, Mr. Sneaker will be one of your go-to destinations for uber-rare drops if you’ve got some pound to throw around. Having been in biz since 1984, it’s fair to say that founder Pops knows a thing or two about what ticks a sneakerhead’s boxes, and over time, he’s seen rarities like the pass through his hands. Other rarities include vintage and , as well as Friends and Family Fragment x Air Jordan 1s and the Nike Air Yeezy ‘Red October’.

Footpatrol - Soho

Soho has long been a barometer for London’s progressive fashion landscape, so it was only natural for London to rethink its old set-up and evolve. The result? A complete store overhaul, with a new and improved layout and look.

Fresh off the stunning renovation, Footpatrol London levels up its standing as one of Europe’s most distinguished sneaker hubs. Stocking the latest and most exclusive sneakers from all your favourites, including selections from Nike, Jordan Brand, , and , it’s simply a must-stop shop on your itinerary. They’ve also really upped their colab game over the past few years, so this is a great place to pick up some store exclusives. Finally, if running is your thing, it’s worth checking out the store’s run club. They get together every Sunday from nearby Cafe Vins.

PresentedBy - Fitzrovia

Consignment sneaker stores in London aren’t exactly rare these days, but it's the selection of products and the stunning retail environment that makes PresentedBy all the more impressive. Stocked to the brim with shrink-wrapped grails on its chic wooden shelves, PresentedBy delivers arguably the most comprehensive limited-edition release lineup in the city.

The space was created alongside sneaker care stalwarts CREP Protect, so if you don’t want to break the bank, you can still walk out with a clean pair thanks to the high-tech CREP trainers care area. So fresh!

pillowHeat - Clapton

Previously known as The Other Side of the Pillow, pillowHeat brings a bit of California to Clapton, stocking the largest inventory of USA-made vintage in the world. It’s hands-down one of the most memorable sneaker experiences you’ll have in London, whether you’re a die-hard canvas connoisseur or a casual.

There are plenty of museums and galleries to visit on your trip, but we think pillowHeat just about qualifies as one. Given that it's easy to pick up heat from most stores these days, it’s refreshing to find a retailer that offers something specialist and different. As well as vintage kicks, the store also stocks a range of merch and prints, making it a haven for skate shoe enthusiasts in the British capital.

Sneakersnstuff - Shoreditch

Whether you’re keen on a bagel or a different kind of ‘Bred’, the district of Shoreditch has got you covered. Representing one of the city’s most cosmopolitan corners, it’s no surprise the globetrotting have based their London flagship store there.

SNS have been in biz since 1999, so their worldwide clout is well warranted. As well as frequently collaborating with everyone’s favourite sneaker brands, they also continue to deliver the latest releases – both GR and limited – to a legion of avid sneakerheads, not only in London, but also Paris, Berlin and Stockholm. You can find the London store on Shoreditch High Street, just a short walk from Boxpark and the underground station.

END. Clothing - Soho

While in London, your sneaker and streetwear expedition will probably reach its summit in Soho. With size?, , , , , and the aforementioned Footpatrol all within a short stroll of one another, you better prepare your wallet for a pounding.

You may be experiencing retail bliss, but until you’ve checked out flagship store, you haven’t truly fulfilled your footwear fantasy.

END.’s two-storey megastore is simply jaw-dropping. Constructed with marble, stainless steel, mirror and maple, the space is a monolithic landscape of sneakers and apparel unlike anything else London has ever seen. The sneaker section can be found upstairs, and you can expect to see all the latest releases alongside END.’s popular collaborative products. The London store also hosts some of the retailer's activations and panel talks, so you can learn more about your favourite releases or just turn up to party.

Dover Street Market - Haymarket

Dover Street Market is a hub for high fashion products, although they do also stock streetwear brands. Their range includes adidas, , , , Gucci, and many more, which can all be found on the store’s basement floor alongside products from Palace and Stüssy. As you work your way up throughout the store, you’ll notice the price tags going up, though it is worth checking out the Supreme concession on the top floor for things that might have sold out in their Soho store. Once you’re done, you can refuel at the cafe, which is also situated on the top floor.

With a magnificent façade and groovy interiors, Dover Street Market is an experience not to be missed.

Goodhood - Spitalfields

first opened their doors in 2007 and since then they’ve become a mainstay of the London sneaker scene. The boutique started on a Shoreditch backstreet, but as it grew, it changed locations to its famed Curtain Road store – complete with its very Instagrammable sign on the floor outside. In 2024, Goodhood announced that they were on the move again, this time setting up shop closer to Spitalfields on 15 Hanbury Street. Known for stocking a selection of IYKYK brands as well as buzzy streetwear faves and high-heat sneaker releases, we have no doubt that Goodhood have lots planned for the third iteration of their store.

BSTN - Brixton

was started in 2008 by Christian "Fu" Boszczyk and Dusan "Duki" Cvetkovic, and has fully cemented itself as a serious sneaker institution. BSTN, which started as ‘Beastin’ and is native to Germany, opened up a store in London in 2023.

Situated in Brixton, the retailer’s third store marked their first international move. The result was a one-of-a-kind concept store that’s unlike anything else in the area. A distinct facade sets it apart even further (the building was originally an old bank) while LED screens and a curved roof add a modern touch. Inside, the space boasts additional artistic elements like brass plaques and a sweeping silver staircase, as well as an enviable selection of products. Crafted with the brand’s community in mind, the store also hosts regular events and launches.

Supreme - Soho

Supreme may not be a sneaker store, but it's an essential visit for any sneakerhead in the UK capital. The store has sat on Peter St since 2011, when it became the first Supreme store in Europe. It’s quietly unassuming, most easily spotted by the bouncer outside and the queue that starts a little further down the road.

Unlike some of Supreme’s other stores, the London location doesn’t really boast any bells and whistles. There’s no inbuilt skate park – instead, there’s a till area upstairs and the product is on the basement floor. Though it stocks all the brand’s releases and footwear, the quantities are very small – it’s worth visiting the Supreme concession on the top floor of Dover Street Market if they don’t have what you’re after here.

Palace - Soho

Staying on the streetwear theme, shoppers will find Palace only a short walk away from Supreme. The London-based skate label set up shop on Soho’s Brewer Street in 2015, with the move marking the brand’s first-ever bricks and mortar store. Much like Supreme, Palace’s store was designed to have that clubby hang-out vibe, so it opens up with an entryway of sorts, with the stock selection towards the back of the store.

As well as Palace’s usual selection of clothing, the store also stocks the brand’s accessories and skateboards. If you’re visiting on a drop day, you’ll also be able to pick up the brand’s sneaker colabs, as they’ve previously teamed up with the likes of , and .

Stüssy - Soho

While Supreme’s queues used to dominate the Soho streets, any streetwear fan visiting London will likely find themselves queuing for . The chapter store can be found on Wardour Street and has been open since 2018, making Soho a serious hub for sneakers and streetwear. Instantly recognisable by the massive 8-ball in the window, expect to find Stüssy’s staple garms here, as well as their sneaker colabs (if you’re lucky).

Aimé Leon Dore - Soho

Teddy Santis might not have started with the intention of working his way into the sneakersphere, but the creative director’s name is now synonymous with our industry. The Queens-hailing b-ball-influenced brand went on to collaborate with and before entering a long-term partnership with New Balance, and now Santis heads up NB’s MADE in USA line. Though ALD x NB colabs tend to sell out pretty quickly, some stock is held back for the brand’s stores, which can be found in NYC and London. The latter, which opened in July 2022, is situated on Broadwick Street in Soho – just down the road from END. Though you’ll most likely have to queue to enter, it’s worth it to see inside, as the place is decorated with sports memorabilia and old Jordans. It also wouldn’t be an ALD trip with heading to Café Leon Dore for a coffee. The cafe is situated next door and has indoor and outdoor seating.

Patta - Soho

If you haven’t already clocked it by now, Soho is the place to be when it comes to London sneaker shopping. And, if you’re looking to update your wardrobe too it's definitely worth a trip to Patta. Located at 6 Silver Place, Patta is a little tucked away compared to some of its counterparts, but it definitely has that community feel we’ve come to expect from the Amsterdam-born institution (let’s not forget the brand got its start as a store, after all). Though the London store is small, it’s still packed with products, from the brand’s seasonal collections to their city exclusives and sneaker collaborations.

Duke’s Cupboard - Soho

If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten track, then Duke’s Cupboard is a treasure trove for rare finds. Having started their journey with a pitch on Berwick St market, the vintage specialists got their first big break when they styled the Kurupt FM crew in the first series of the British sitcom People Just Do Nothing and have since moved into a permanent unit on Soho’s Ingestre Place. Alongside a stacked selection of vintage merch and designer goods, Duke’s Cupboard also stocks a solid offering of rare and archival sneakers, from obscure styles to vintage Air Max.

Selfridges - Oxford Street

You’d be hard-pressed to find a sneakerhead in the UK who hasn’t entered an raffle. Operating via a store-pick-up policy only, the trip to collect your winnings from the Oxford St Selfridges concession is something of a pilgrimage for our kind. But that’s not to say that the only things worth buying at Offspring are high-heat, as the retailer has plenty to offer those on any other given day of the week. Stop by the concession on the men’s floor to see the legendary hatch, or head upstairs to see the women’s selection.

Elsewhere in the department store, you'll find plenty more treasures. might not have a London flagship yet, but you can find them on the same floor as Offspring – there's even a Kith treats counter to stop by if you're feeling peckish!

Niketown - Oxford St

Niketown might be an obvious choice for a sneaker store guide, but it’s not to be missed. Located on the central shopping district of Oxford Street, the store spans a huge 42,000 square feet and is filled to the brim with Swoosh goods. In addition, the store has two floors dedicated to the NikeID program, so that shoppers can enjoy a wholly personalised experience.

Needless to say, Niketown London plays host to the vast majority of the Beaverton brand’s activations, and has seen the likes of Clint419 and Ronaldinho take over the space for recent launches. It’s also the hub used for the SNKRS Pass, a launch method that allows sneakerheads in the London area to secure exclusive releases for pick-up at the store.

Is your wanderlust kicking in yet? Stay tuned for more sneaker itineraries from , , , and . In the meantime, be sure to check out our comprehensive to plot your next kickspedition.

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