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Sneaker Stores You Must Visit in Berlin


This article was updated on October 17, 2023.

Berlin has carved out a reputation as Europe’s premier sneaker destination thanks to its zealously passionate local community, as well as a trailblazing core of local retailers.

A historic urban sprawl where subcultures continue to thrive, Berlin has a high concentration of crep hot spots, stocked with gigantic inventories, and decked out with stunning contemporary showrooms.

The German capital is a bona fide case of quality and quantity, so we can imagine planning an itinerary as a sneakerhead would be quite the headache.

Fear not, however, we’ve done the grind work for you, curating our list of must-visit locales. Achtung, sneakerheads – you have to add this city to your bucket list ASAP.


With two bustling inner-city stores, Superconscious are making their mark on Berlin. The stores are more on the high fashion side; however, they aim to curate a selection that brings that approach to moderate price points with a focus on innovation and contemporary style. They stock all the new ASCIS releases, along with offerings from Mizuno, Rombaut, HOKA and PUMA. Throughout the collection, the theme appears to be sneakers that are functional, aesthetic and streamlined.

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