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Sneaker Freaker Staff New Year's Resolutions 2020

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Barely a week into 2020, and most of us are probably back on our BS. The free gym membership trial has run out, sobriety is likely going to be broken by Friday lunchtime, and don’t get started about not causing controversy on the Internet

But when it comes to sneakers, they don’t have to suffer in the same way our wallets and waistlines do. Let’s make the most of our sneakers this year! Sneaker Freaker’s motley crew are pledging some kick-based resolutions for 2020 to end the prolonged silly season and make a strong start to the year – feet first.

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Boon Mark Souphanh: Functionality > Fashion

Another year older, another year wiser… Another year full of big, fat, stinkin’ Ls. Geez, I really do sound like a grumpy old man. With that in mind, I’m taking a different approach this year – my 2020 sneaker vision has my hobbies at heart, not the hype.

Upon review, 2019 did feature some very satisfying cops, and I didn’t have to enter a single raffle or even contact a plug. All my favourite purchases from the year put functionality at the forefront, with form the secondary consideration. Highlights include the Nike Air Max 1s and Air Jordan 11 Lows for the golf course, as well as the Parley x adidas Terrex Two trail shoe (purchased on sale, no less). Each of these sneakers has provided me with hours of wear and plenty of memorable moments to boot. Hell, they’ve even received more compliments than any Air Jordan 1 I’ve ever worn.

Life is already stressful enough, why make things worse by chasing hyped heat every week? Looking forward to more sneakers that get me outdoors in 2020, as opposed to ones that live in their box.

Cesca Atmos Am1

Cesca Benson: Only Cop What I’m Going to Rock

Yes, some people are able to fully embrace the KonMari method, discarding items that don’t spark joy in search of a more decluttered existence. I’m not ready to go that far yet — I’m sentimental, and can too easily imagine a situation where I’d regret throwing out that beat pair of GEL-Lyte Vs… They might spark joy 10 years from now!

However, I am willing to be more practical with my 2020 sneaker purchases. If I don’t see myself wearing them consistently, I’m not going to buy them. That means no more copping the latest hype-monger just to ‘have them’, and no more spending $$$$ on a pair then being too scared to wear them.

It may not be the most enlightened resolution, but hey, baby steps.

Jacob Boyd-Skinner: Finally, Clean My Shoes!

Much like my disdain for pre-worn creps, I’ve always had an issue with cleaning my shoes. Both choices have resulted in me sitting on the fringe of being a ‘sneaker collector’ and just a guy with a lot of shoes…

This tedious task is one I’ve never been able to find time for. The result: many of my favourite pairs have become beaters and found their way to thrift stores…. Hindsight's a bitch!

At the start of every calendar year, many take to their socials to announce what their plans will be for the coming 365 days. Despite feeling 10 days late, I’m pledging to clean a little more. In the hopes that the pair currently gracing my sweaty feet will last longer… I’m not confident I’ll do it, but who doesn’t like a challenge!

Minh Vuong: Downsize the Collection

During the holiday period, I had a harrowing epiphany: my vault contains enough sneakers to let me wear a brand new pair each year... until the day I die. Afterwards, there might be a few left over for my size-9-wearing pallbearers.

At the peak of my hoarding practices, I’d be like Nelly and cop two pair: ‘I need two pair’. So, I definitely should cut down my collection, before I am literally buried in sneakers.

I still love shoes, but I probably don’t need 25 variations of the same style. In theory, it should be pretty easy to cull. There are probably a dozen pairs that can go straight to landfill, because they’re crumbled vintage, or beaters on their last threads. Another 50 or so can go straight to eBay and various marketplaces. Any stragglers can go to my dad’s rather impressive rotation, and the rest can simply go to the nearest charity shop.

It’s a long shot, but by the end of the year, I’d like to get the roll-call down to below 30. Then, I’ll finally be able to remove my ‘One to rock and one to stock’ chest tattoo using the proceeds from the sneaker sales. WTS: Lightly worn size 9 heater$$$.

Gabe Filippa: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

After a year of ill-defined sneaker styles, I’ve decided to strip things right back in 2020. The Nike Cortez, adidas Samba and New Balance 574 are all on the menu. Forget self-lacing, solar-powered, semi-translucent, LED-constructed midsoles and arbitrary sneaker co-signs. Sometimes, in this complex world of ours, it’s best to keep it simple. Stupid.

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Mykal Hoang: Diversify My Bonds

For those who know me, they would know that I can be incredibly stubborn about the most trivial things. One prime example would be that I don’t share any dairy products with anyone. No sharing of any dairy products whatsoever. No ice cream, no milk, no dairy-based sauces — absolutely not. Once upon a time, I had a reason, sometimes I still think I do, but for the most part: I once said I’m not going to, so I won’t.

One fateful night many moons ago, I made a very vocal decision that I'd only wear Nikes. The choice just seemed right to me. 75 per cent of my collection was already Nike and, in my ignorance, I didn’t think anything else was even comparable to what the Swoosh had produced. I was so sure of myself that I got an Air Max 1 tattooed in a very visible spot on my calf. Yes — I did that.

As the 2020s dawn upon us, I suddenly feel myself wanting to align with the ‘new year, new me’ movement. A lot of time has passed, and so have a ridiculous amount of incredible non-Nike sneakers that I, in all honesty, would really like to have owned.

I should have bought Yeezy Wave Runners and Desert Rats, amazing NB990s in all the different versions, GEL-filled ASICS beauties, Italian-built Diadoras, itch-clawing PUMAs, all the Palace x Reeboks, a couple of classic Vans, and the list goes on.

That’s why my resolution is to open my mind, open my heart and, most importantly, open up shoe boxes from other brands. As for sharing dairy? I don't think I’ll ever be ready for that.

Anthony Nguyen: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

2020 is the Year of the Rat: a year of prosperity and surplus. Unlike many of my peers adopting the Marie Kondo philosophy of tidying up their sneaker closets, I’m channelling my inner rat and making a resolution for MORE abundance. I want everything. All the hype releases, all the underrated GRs — everything. I want to finish this year with my closet bursting at the seams.

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