Sneaker Freaker Presents: A Kicksmas Gift Guide

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We’re coming into the depths of the month that is single-handedly responsible for empty wallets and food comas. Adding to the tension of these two afflictions, you’ve probably got no idea what presents to get, or who to get them for.

That’s where we come in, your friendly sneaker enthusiasts, with a Sneaker-themed gift guide that’ll help you through the holidays.

So, sit back, get the credit card details ready, and take a look down below.

New Balance M991Sgn Grey Three Quarter Lateral Side Shot

What to Get Dad

We know our fathers may rock some dead trainers, beat to death from hectic barbecuing and hard days mowing the lawn. So, why not get him an upgrade (something he can use to flex on Mike-next-door) while still keeping it practical. He already appreciates the comfort and quality of New Balance, so why not some 991s! They're Dad enough so he won't look out of place, yet steezy enough that he'll be drippin' at the next neighbourhood watch meeting.


Nike Wmns Air Max 270 React Mystic Pink At6174 Three Quarter Angle Shot

What to Get Mum

She’s cleaned up after you for years, now’s the time to show her how much it all meant to you. We know if you had the cash to splash you would douse that woman in Balenciaga and place her feet in that luxury Louis, but we're not all millionaires. So, why not a fresh pair of Nike Air Max 270 Reacts, in the 'Mystic Pink' colourway.

It'll be sure to break necks while she's doing the next grocery shop.


Jun Takahashi Undercover Nike Hat Black

What to Get Your Sibling

You may not see eye-to-eye all the time, but you still think they deserve something for Christmas (as small as it may be). What about the recent collaboration between UNDERCOVER and Nike? A hat to provide them with the same level of shade you throw their way on the regular.


Dr Martens Adrian Snaffle Loafer Black Lateral Side Shot

What to Get Grandpa

Your Grandpa is from a completely different time. It's a fairly safe bet to say he wasn't spending hundreds of dollars on sneakers and, when he does rock a pair of kicks, it's for support not for the looks. So why not get gramps something he can stunt in, while wearing his best slacks. The Adrian Snaffle Loafer by Dr Martens, perhaps?


Ssesne Burberry Dog Collar Brown

What to Get Grandma

Grandma doesn't care about kicks, or how many you got. She does have expensive taste though, so show her how much she means to you by spoiling the other little munchkin in her life (her dog). SSENSE have recently started dabbling in dog garments, so pop down and get her a Burberry dog collar.


Sketchers Premium Care Kit Christmas Gift Guide Front Shot

What to Get Your Aunt

Your Aunt Miranda, a diehard Skechers fan, is coming to Christmas at your place. Just hearing her name sends shivers down your spine. So why not cop her something that’ll help take care of her beloved supportive shoe collection. She’s never heard of Crep Protect or Jason Markk, so get her that good good, Skechers premium care kit.


Nike P 6000 Hyper Crimson Ct3439 100 On Foot Lateral Side Shot

What to Get Your Uncle

Still going through his mid-life crisis, your favourite uncle needs some new young kicks to go with his new young personality. Some Nike P-6000s doused in 'Hyper Crimson' should do the trick.


Grenson Cedar Shoe Tree Lateral Side Shot

What to Get Your Best Friend

Skimping out on your homies is a big Christmas no-no. Treat them to something nice, something that shows them how much they really mean to you. The Grenson Cedar shoe tree is the perfect gift, and flowers all year round – so your bestie has a constant reminder of you in their house.


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