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We Shoo Shoo Shoes You: Sneaker Freaker Crew Goes Valentines Shopping

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They say that opposites attract. We hope for your sake that it’s not true. If bae’s interests sat at the other end of the spectrum, we daresay he/she wouldn’t understand your sneaker compulsion. So let’s hope and pray, for your sake, that all boo wants for Valentine’s Day is a fresh pair of shoes. Here’s how ‘romantic’ gifts are going down with the Sneaker Freaker crew.


VALENTINE: Adam, the long-suffering fiancé

WHAT: Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 'Port Wine'

WHY: Because bae is awesome and he deserves endless presents, but also because I bought myself the CDG x Nike 180s and I feel like this will help deflect his focus from my incessant treat yo'self-ing.

WHEN: Available now at Consortium

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17 Noble Red Port Wine Summit White Cat
Sq Adidas Originals Parley Nmd City Sock 02


VALENTINE: Georgie, the vegetarian

WHAT:Parley for the Oceans x adidas NMD City Sock

WHY: In the immortal words of Pulp Fiction’s Jules: ‘My girlfriend’s a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian.’ So in the spirit of planet friendliness, I’d go Parley for the Ocean’s NMD City Sock, built with plastic salvaged from the ocean.

WHEN: March 10 from adidas


VALENTINE: Me, the deserving

WHAT:Nike Blazer Low 'Valentine’s Day'

WHY: It’s clean, cool, and price-wise it falls within the single-income realm of possibilities (and from a distance people might think they’re Common Projects and that I’ve got it all figured out).

WHEN: Available now at Titolo

,2 Nike Blazer V Day
Zoom Fly Sp Valentines


VALENTINE: Janelle, lactic acid addict

WHAT:Nike Zoom Fly SP 'Tokyo'

WHY: When it boils down to it, I play second fiddle to running. And while Janelle's not short on running shoes, I couldn't go past a cheesy V Day colour combo. She run laps around me in general, now she can just do it faster.

WHEN: Available now at Nike


VALENTINE: Nai Zi, equal parts Hello Kitty and sneaker connoisseur

WHAT: PUMA Suede ‘Hello Kitty’

WHY: My missus is a sucker for all things ‘kawaii’, especially anything from the Sanrio company. It’s a gift and a curse; it makes lazy gift purchasing a breeze, but then I have to be surrounded by Hello Kitty crap at home. As always, I left the gift purchasing quite late and was panicking up until about five minutes ago when these Hello Kittied their way onto my radar.

WHEN: Available now from JD Sports

Puma Suede Hello Kitty
Sq Comme Des Garcons Nike Air Max 180 1


VALENTINE: Oli, snappy dresser

WHAT: Comme des Garcons x Nike Air Max 180

WHY: These might stop him (for five minutes) from scheming how to get hold of last year’s Off-White VaporMax. Move on, boo – Virgil ain’t your Valentine.

WHEN: Available now, but scarce

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