Skaters Tell Us Their Favourite Air Jordans to Thrash


This article was originally published on March 21, 2023.

Skaters and hoopers have been getting insane ‘Air’ in Jordans since the mid-1980s. Galvanised by the glowing endorsement of Bones Brigade members Steve Caballero, Mike McGill and Lance Mountain (who famously repped the Air Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ in The Search for Animal Chin), the AJ1 – like the Nike Dunk – soon became a stalwart of the skatepark.

To celebrate the re-release of the Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 ‘Pine Green’, we hooked up with some of our favourite skaters to chat about the Air Jordans they love to thrash!

Jordan Taylor Air Jordan 5

Jordan Taylor

‘Out of all the Jordans I’ve skated, my favourite is the Air Jordan 5. I like the AJ5 model because it has ankle support, which is crucial for skateboarding. They’re just real snug and have a comfortable fit, but I also just love how they look. They remind me of a Nike Dunk High. I got to skate the Oregon 5s and loved them!’


Hayley Wilson Nike SB Air Jordan 4

Hayley Wilson

‘I love Air Jordans – they’re one of my favourite shoes as chillers. But to be honest, I’d never skated AJs until the Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 came out recently. I didn’t know how they would skate as they were a little chunkier than the shoes I usually wear. But since I’ve tried them, they’ve become one of my favourites to skate in. I’m so hyped on them!’


,Jimmy Gorecki Air Jordan 4

Jimmy Gorecki

‘By far, the Air Jordan 4. Something about the design and shape always made my feet feel safe skating in them. They just look cool too. Specifically, the AJ4 “Military”. They have just enough feel to be able to do the tricks I’ve always enjoyed doing on a skateboard.’


Dashawn Jordan Air Jordan 1 Air Jordan 7

Dashawn Jordan

‘My favourite Jordans to skate in are the Air Jordan 1 Low and Air Jordan 7 Low! Both have good board feel, comfort and mobility. As far as the AJ7s go, “Bordeaux” is one of my favs.’


Elissa Steamer Air Jordan 1

Elissa Steamer

‘I like Air Jordan 1s. Preferably OG and preferably lows. Right now, I have the Air Jordan 1 Low OGs in black and navy.’


Eric Koston Air Jordan 1

Eric Koston

‘Air Jordan 1. 1000 per cent. Still one of the best skate shoes to this day.’


Nicole Hause Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 ‘LA to Chicago’

Nicole Hause

‘My favourite pair to skate in is the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 “LA to Chicago.”’


Oskar Rozenberg Air Jordan 3 Air Jordan 4

Oskar Rozenberg

‘My favourite Jordans to skate in are the Air Jordan 3s and Air Jordan 4s.’


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