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How to Safely Clean Sneakers in the Washing Machine

Nike Air Ghost Racer Washing Machine

Everybody has a pair of sneakers that could do with a deep clean. Brushes and soaps often do the job, but for many, the lure of the washing machine is an irresistible – and often inevitable – express route from filthy to fresh. Here’s a guide to cleaning your sneakers safely in the washing machine – at your own risk.

Mid-Wash Reflections

While the first few rotations had the shoes clunking around rather heavily, the movement was more predictable as the machine got up to speed. The water was forming a nice sudsy foam, and penetrating the shoes completely.

Because the shoes were contained in a laundry bag with a towel, there was some bunching of the towel and awkward placement of the shoes at times. However, that was always going to be expected. An hour later, the cycle was complete.

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