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Why Sandy Liang x Salomon Is a Top Collaboration in 2023

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American-Chinese, New York-based fashion designer Sandy Liang might operate within the avant-garde womenswear space, but she’s no newbie to the sneaker world. Liang teamed up with Vans in 2021 to create her own 90s-inspired collection, which included the Authentic, Half Cab, SK8-Hi and the Style 73, but her go-around with Salomon is inarguably a bigger feat – and not just because the global conversation says so. From being a full circle moment to claiming its position as Salomon Sportstyle’s very first women’s collaboration, Sandy Liang’s Salomon XT-6 and RX Moc 3.0 are a top move of 2023. Let’s get into why.

Given Liang’s cult following, currently commanding an Instagram following of 236K followers and boasting a roster of global stockists, there’s no doubt she has established influence. GORPcore is no new phenomenon in fashion and sneakers, but Liang has seemed to carve out her own aesthetic with the widespread trend, which juxtaposes rugged footwear with delicate pieces. There’s no doubt that Liang has, in part, been responsible for this microtrend, and now Salomon have even dropped a dedicated cottagecore line that naturally styles its pairs with white linen skirts and crochet cardigans. More on this later.

With Liang going from everyday Salomon wearer to the pairs ending up on her brand’s runway, it’s not hard to see how this colab is a very organic one. Given that it involves one of the hottest footwear brands of the moment, this full circle is definitely one for the books.

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