Round Two: The Best (And Worst) #ReadyMadeOffWhite Customs

Ready Made Off White 1

Partially as a public service, and partially as an excuse to sit around on Instagram for an hour, we dove back in to the #ReadyMadeOffWhite page to find the best (and worst) ‘customs’ that DIY dyers have created.

People started drenching their Off-White Nikes at the start of August when John Mayer answered Virgil’s call-to-arms with this Grateful Dead—channelling Presto.

Since then, people have flocked to the practice like moths to a flame. Some have plunged Prestos without forethought, while others reaped the benefits of a more considered approach. Our compilation features a decent amount of both. We were going to separate this into a ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ category, but someone pointed out that that might be internet bullying. If you have to ask which is which, you’ll never know. But either way, you’re about to see some doozies.

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