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Resale Round-Up: January's Most Valuable Sneakers

Stockx Resale Round Up Graph

The first month crossed off 2019's calendar doesn't seem to be a goodie for sneaker premiums. Maybe it's a hangover from the shopping season, but January's resale price hikes are nothing compared to the ones seen in November and December last year.

Still, there are a few releases putting numbers on the board. new 'Pigeon' is shovelling pockets full of cash and, oddly, two models covered in grass have taken the podium's second and third platforms. The steals this week — those you can grab for under retail — are legion. We've linked with to highlight a bunch of the best, including 'Chinese New Year' , and even a colab.

See below for the January sneaker releases making the most interesting resale manoeuvres.

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