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Resale Round-Up: April's Most Valuable Sneakers

Stockx Resale Sneakers April GraphicStockx Resale Sneakers April Graphic

It’s been an odd month for the resale market. If duking between and is standard fare, this month’s round sees a measured mix of brands turn the fight into an all-in cage match. throw in a couple of heaters by way of and Aimé Leon Dore, comes out of nowhere (bless), and even sail through with an upmarket colab.

On the flip-side, it’s a rough month for adidas. After March’s onslaught, resellers were left with crumbs – a fact few will be losing sleep over – and a tonne of Three Stripe GRs were left sitting on shelves for under retail. There were too many to name, but the best steal comes by way of a tech Terrex release going for a third of its RRP.

Even weirder, have a Sweet Chick colab going for over double, and absolutely no love is shown to a very worthy drop… good luck making sense of this one.

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