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Reebok’s 2020 Highlight Reel

Reebok's 2020 Highlight Reel

Reebok sure did deliver an action-packed 2020. There was collaborations that knocked our socks off, the return of a select few OG niche silhouettes, Cardi B’s epic sneaker box, and a comeback from BBC. Plus, don’t forget all those psycho seasonal packs and a clean classic GR lineup that refreshed rotations the world over.

Kings of Collaboration

If there was one thing that defined almost every brand in 2020, it has to be their collaborations. And, while Team Swoosh and Team Trefoil held their own when it came to organisation association, the Bok was in a different lane – tapping brands that are a little more niche, and have a much more dedicated fan base. Among the most memorable were JJJJound, Sneeze, Adsum, Brain Dead, Awake, Packer, Palace and PLEASURES. The Ghostbusters colab was a nice surprise, Cardi B was doing bits, and then they threw it right back with a Billionaire Boys Club link-up. All tastefully done and well executed, we can’t fault the Bok in terms of collaborations this year.

High Fashion Harmony

High-end fashion and the sneaker industry have reached an interesting point in their relationship. After flirtatious colabs took place over the past few years, the duo seems to have decided to move in with each other, and things are going splendidly! 2020 has endured some insane fashion x sneaker link-ups, but none was as weird and whacky as Reebok and Margiela’s love affair. They fused two icons – the Tabi and the Instapump – together to create a Frankenstein’s Monster–esque looking crep.

That wasn’t all on the high fashion front either, the Bok also continued their relationship with experimental Korean label KANGHYUK, and high-end brand Pyer Moss.

Spooky Syndrome

No one loves the spooky season as much as Reebok does, and to celebrate October 31 they released a psychotic collection of creps that scared the pants off even the toughest of sneakerheads. Featuring prominently in our roundup of The Spookiest and Steeziest Sneaker Releases of Halloween 2020, Reebok’s offering dubbed the ‘Boktober’ pack included the Question Mid ‘Ankle Reaper’, Kamikaze 2 ‘Jack-o-Kaze’ and spiderweb-adorned Shaqnosis.

Shoe Maker

An incredibly underrated happening in the 2020 Reebok universe was the must-have book dubbed Shoe Maker. A memoir, written by Reebok founder Joe Foster, it tells the interesting tale of how he turned the small British family firm into a global sneaker empire. If you haven’t already, give it a read!

The Beatnik is Back!

The rise of the mule has been a cultural shift that has formed a substantial part of 2020’s sneakerscape. One reason for that strong presence has been Reebok and their Beatnik. A shoe that had reached cult-like status in Japan for years, and then received a Nepenthes collaboration in 2019, it boomed in 2020 with an onslaught of releases and small tweaks. It fit perfectly into the new stay-at-home lifestyle that many were forced to adopt during the year.

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