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Travis Scott (Briefly) Quit Instagram, So Who Will Be My Sneaker Muse Now?

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Prior to Travis Scott's sudden return to Instagram today after an unexpected absence from the social media platform, a disillusioned Travis Scott fan – colloquially known as a ‘Rager’ – penned a heartfelt reaction to the superstar auto-crooner's recent timeline sabbatical. This is their story.

It’s taken about two weeks, but I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that Travis Scott isn’t on Instagram right now. When my fellow Ragers – or so they claimed to be – mercilessly ravaged La Flame for his incredible Halloween flex, he decided to take some time out from my feed. The shock of seeing ‘User not found’ on @travisscott made me taste the saltiest tears I’ve cried since getting the L on the Nike Air Max 270 React ‘Cactus Trails’.

I’ve spent the past two years going SICKO MODE on my sneaker game. My shoe rack is on fire with every Travis x Nike/Jordan colab that released to the public. I (well, thanks mum!) paid through the nose for the Gold Box–era SB Dunks that featured on his now-missing IG page. I clearly base my personality around mimicking what Cactus Jack is wearing, and cant think for myself. I seriously feel lost without him…

Who will I look to now for my sneaker style inspiration until he comes back? Time to consider lifting some adjacent personalities and styles.


I almost spilled Sprite on my ‘Cactus Jack’ Air Force 1s when Travis and Drake formed like Voltron on ‘SICKO MODE’. Travis is a master musician, but The 6 God has some bars too. And he backs it up with an equally killer sneaker collection. His brief flirtation with adidas did have me questioning his loyalty, but his fire ‘Checks over Stripes, that’s what I like’ ad lib has me convinced he’s onside. Beyond the Swoosh, his OVO label has netted some pretty sweet kicks too. All those Clarks are Jamaican me crazy – maybe it’ll let me adopt some patois into my vocabulary too…

Billie Eilish

Maybe Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell can help me have the sneaker style suited for a ‘bad guy’. Comfort appears to be king for Billie’s fits. And whether its silhouette or price tag, bigger tends to be better. The chunky Balenciaga Triple S could give me a little boost in height, and maybe coolness too. And that effortless style rocking all the hottest Jordans like the Air Dior and AJ11 ‘Concord’ does have me looking on SNKRS for the next retro release. Plus, since everything is oversized, it’ll give me some time to grow into my sneakers.

J Balvin

You know, J Balvin has many parallels to my hero Travis Scott. Like La Flame, ‘The Prince of Reggaeton’ owns a bunch of archive sneakers, particularly Air Jordan 1s and SB Dunks. He’s even picked up some interesting collaborations along the way with the calibre of BAPE, Takashi Murakami, and even McDonalds – just like Travis! And he also has an upcoming AJ1 colab – just like Travis! However, I’m gonna have to swap my braids for rainbow hair dye if I jack J Balvin’s steez. Not sure how I feel about that just yet.

John Mayer

John Mayer – aka Jawn Mayor – has had some pretty solid sneaker style over the years. As a consistent Nike fan, his taste for Air Max 90s could have me branching out my sneaker collection. His friendship with Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM can also inspire me to befriend some fellow techwear ninjas. After all, it’d be nice to feel something breathing next to me that isn’t a GORE-TEX jacket for once. Failing that, I could also resell all my Travis Scott colabs and buy a single visvim garment… and maybe have some money left over for a 'Middle Shoe' of FBTs.


What if I just developed my own sense of style? I could cull my entire collection, and use the cash to start over. I’d buy sneakers I actually like – even embrace some bricks – and not chase the hype. Dig out my Comme des Garcons x Converse Chuck 70s and rock them with pride. Support local independent retailers and look after my sneakers.

Well… that’s all a little too crazy I think. It just sounds like the ramblings of someone who’s becoming old and unhip. Travis, I need you back on Instagram! I don’t wanna make a Twitter account just to see what you’ve been up to…

For more irreverant takes, brutally honest analysis, or just downright silly sneaker sentences, visit the  Real Talk section.

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