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The Thrill of the Chase

Nike Air Footscape CLNike Air Footscape CL

When it comes to collecting sneakers these days, it seems like nothing is actually that rare. Thanks to the Internet and its countless secondary markets, most limited edition releases since the Nike SB boom of the early 2000s can be tracked down. Sure, it might cost you a pretty penny, but if you throw enough money at someone and/or use the right keywords in a search bar, you should be able to grab that coveted Grail. However, there’s always something that’s just an absolute wild goose chase to hunt down.

I live for the thrill of the chase. It’s what keeps me going in this material interest that many call a ‘game'. Every so often, I will relentlessly look for a properly rare sneaker that I absolutely need to have. And sometimes it takes multiple doses of heartbreak before that elusive sneaker is finally caught.

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