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Being Into Sneakers Has Kept Me on the Straight and Narrow

Sneaker Freaker Minh Sneaker Collection 2013

It’s safe to say we grow up with a bunch of bad influences surrounding us, ready to wrap their terrible tendrils around us in an unescapable spiral. Unless you end up becoming obsessed with sneakers. Then you’re safe.

‘Son, I don’t care what you do with your life – just don’t do drugs.’ Those were the most insightful words my father ever said to me, and I’ve loosely interpreted it as approval of the sneaker habit I’ve been maintaining since I was a teenager.

Looking back on it, I suppose sinking most of my time and hard-earned cash into sneakers has kept me on the straight and narrow. In fact, it’s distracted me for long enough now that I’ve somehow made a career out of it.

For example, while my mates were spending Saturday mornings going to used car yards in search of four-wheeled beaters to rice up, I was at the factory outlets with my dad to look for new beater sneakers. It was our unique way of bonding I guess. And it probably saved me from a crash or two.

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