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React Element 87 Colourways Nike Need to Release ASAP


Nike’s all-conquering React Element 87 has taken 2018 by storm, and looks set to feature extensively in ‘sneaker of the year’ calculations.

A breakaway from the overdone, oversized sneaker trend that’s washed over the sneakersphere, the React Element 87 takes on a modern, streamlined silhouette that embodies Team Swoosh’s pursuit of progression without sacrificing panache.

After quickly selling-out the debut ‘Sail’ and ‘Anthracite’ colourways, Nike unleashed a hyped link-up with Jun Takahashi’s Undercover to flaunt the sneaker’s collaborative clout. Since then, the colourways have released sparingly, with little brother React Element 55 doing most of the GR legwork.

Nevertheless, we’re sure Beaverton have big things in store for the 87 in the coming months. To streamline the process, we’ve decided to do the hard work for them, whipping up the colourways they simply have to unleash into the wild. What’s your pick?


Most renowned for its use on the iconic Air Max 90, this fiery fan-favourite colourway would surely burn a hole in plenty of wallets.

Dusty Cactus

Its made a big comeback in 2018 via the Air Max 93, and the new Air Max 270, but surely theres room for another killer 'Dusty Cactus colourway this year?


This one looks like it’s come right out of Jun Takahashis sketch book. Were not saying no to more Undercover collaborations, thats for sure.



Much like the aforementioned Dusty Cactus, we’re also keen for the Ultramarine revival to keep rolling on.


These would look right at home on the feet of the street ninjas roaming the Tokyo streets.

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