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PUMA TRINOMIC Retrospective

07 Apr 2022

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1990 - 2022

PUMA TRINOMIC Retrospective

In the 1970s and 80s, performance footwear brands used basic foam compounds like EVA to handle cushioning and shock absorption. But as the boombastic 90s loomed large, the appetite for souped-up sole units, chunked-out midsoles and muscular uppers flaunting all manner of experimental concepts suddenly seemed limitless. The spirit of futurism was alive and cashed-up consumers craved more of everything. This was a dramatically new vision of maximalist footwear, exemplified by PUMA TRINOMIC, which was based on simple geometry and engineering knowhow sourced from the humble honey bee. Three decades after it debuted, TRINOMIC is back for an anniversary lap of honour. Tune in, turn on and twist that DISC to 11 as we rewind to 1990 and dig deep into the PUMA Archive with this long overdue retrospective.

TRINOMIC also represented the emergence of visible technology, or ‘viz-tech’ as it later became known. The old adage that ‘seeing is believing’ inspired sneaker designers in the early 90s to let it all hang out and enhance shoes with inflatable widgets and encapsulated air units. Over at PUMA, the TRINOMIC hex-cells were made visible via transparent windows mounted in the sole, almost as if runners were cracking open a beehive to take a peek inside. Over time, these panels would constantly evolve in placement and shape as designers pushed TRINOMIC to the limit.

Two gems from this era combined both DISC and TRINOMIC in non-conformist packages. The trail-inspired DISC System Calgary moved the frisbee to the ankle and used a ‘seat-belt’ crossover strap to cinch the shoes tight to the foot, while an acre of brown, olive or berry nubuck added muted doses of outdoors flair to the funky off-road slipper.

The Prevail officially joined the TRINOMIC running family in 1993. Several iterations and colourways were released over the next few years, including the Lady Prevail, which was curve-lasted and tuned specifically for female athletes. In 2016, PUMA brought back the all-time classic edition from 1994 in the white-purple-black combo with ‘Carox air’ mesh and the crispiest white leather.

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