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P.J. Tucker's Best Sneaker Moments from Season 2019/20

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His Houston Rockets may have fallen short in the Playoffs, but P.J. Tucker can still boast one title this season: the NBA’s undisputed sneaker king.

As a seasoned utility, the 35-year-old continued to bolster the Rockets’ roster into his 11th season in the NBA. Naturally, he also brought that versatility to his famed sneaker stash.

Sporting some of rarest Swooshed Grails the hardwood has ever seen, P.J. also managed to make some interesting moves off the court. Here’s a recap of his best sneaker moments in season 2019/20!

The Deal

The season certainly started off with a bang! Barely a month into the campaign, P.J. was finally bestowed what many of us thought was well overdue: an official deal with Nike.

Apparently, the deal was up in the air for a while, with other brands looking to land his signature. However, after making a name for himself gaming the most coveted Nikes and Jays throughout the years, the multi-year Swoosh deal was probably a no-brainer.

Opening Up Shop

Back in March, P.J. announced that he’d be opening his very first sneaker store – Better Generation in Houston.

He may not be the first NBA player to venture into the sneaker sale world, but it’s safe to say he’s definitely the biggest sneakerhead among them.

‘From the beginning of time, all I’ve ever done is hoop, and this culture of sneakers has always been a part of it,’ he said during the announcement. ‘It’s hand in hand.’

The store was originally tipped to open in October, however, it looks like the grand opening may now be pushed back. Fingers crossed the grand opening isnt too far away.


Unfortunately, most will probably remember P.J.s season for his on-court altercation with Dennis Schroder during Game 5 of the Houston Rockets’ Playoff series versus Oklahoma City Thunder, which resulted in him being fined $25,000. The incident caused quite a commotion, but frankly, we were just amused that he was more worried about his feet than his pockets.

Taking to IG shortly after the fines were handed out, P.J. playfully expressed concerned over his prospective sneaker activity.

‘Guess I won’t be getting shoes for a while…,’ he posted.

Its okay, P.J. – were sure you still had plenty of options in your locker.

The Undisputed King

Weve become accustomed to P.J. bringin’ the heat every time he steps on the court, but his 2019/20 lineup was simply mind-blowing. There was everything from exclusive colourways to uber-hyped collaborations to some of rarest Jays on earth.

Picking the best of the bunch is no easy task, but we can’t go past the Air Jordan 4 ‘Wahlburgers’ he wore against the Golden State Warriors during Game 31 of the regular season. Green n’ mean!

Special mention goes out to the trio of Kobe signatures he busted out for Mamba Day.

‘My Dreams Became a Reality

Despite wearing all kinds of Nike and Jordan Brand models throughout the season, P.J. seemed to gravitate towards Kobe Bryant signatures, most notably the legendary Kobe 5 Protro.

Back in August, he turned heads when he stepped out in what looked like a PE colourway. Blessed with a wild mix of coloured accents, the scheme consisted of Particle Grey, Light Cream, Sail, and white. The lighter shades provided the base, allowing blue hits on the toes and dotted Swooshes, red on the upper heel, purple lining, and 'Volt laces to create one of wackiest Kobe 5s weve seen.

Many of us thought the PEs were a one-of-one, but Nike soon announced a wider release, making the colourway P.J.’s first ever sneaker available to the public.

Upon the release on September 25, P.J. made a heartfelt tribute to the late legend who inspired the timeless sneaker.

‘Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, man… Wearing your shoes always makes me feel like you’re still here, if even just in spirit. Nah this isn’t a sad post at all. Today I’m smiling hard ‘cause one of my dreams became a reality… and I’m forever grateful for everything, big homie. Thank you.’

The new season’s tip-off date may still be up in the air, but you can almost be certain that more P.J. PEs are on the way.

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