SF Staff Picks: Our Mums’ Favourite Sneakers

SF Staff Picks: Our Mums’ Favourite Sneakers

Every day is a day to celebrate our mothers, but with Mother’s Day arriving soon in 2023, you have even more reasons to go all out. There are so many different ways people can fall in love with sneakers, and for many of us, we owe a lot of it to our mums.

So as the ultimate homage to them, we’ve linked up to spotlight some of their favourite kicks. From comfort-first choices like the Skechers GOWalk to old-school Trefoil heat like the adidas SL 72 Vin – if there’s one key takeaway, mums everywhere know how to unapologetically be themselves and own their style, including, of course, through their shoes. A big Happy Mother’s Day to all around the globe – check out the inclusions below!

Skechers GOwalk

Minh’s Mum – Skechers GOwalk

My mum has never really understood why sneakers can be objects of addiction. That was until she tried on the slip-on Skechers GOwalk a couple of years ago and has worn them exclusively since. Thankfully, she hasn’t taken after her son and purchased every single colour of something they like that sees a release. Instead, she replaces them when holes show through the soles of the worn pair, and only if they’re discounted (as they tend to be every season). Shout out to my mum for keeping me laced up until I could buy sneakers for myself.

adidas SL Vin

Amber’s Mum – adidas SL 72 Vin

My mum has been into sneakers for as long as I can remember. In fact, the starting point of my sneaker love story predates my existence entirely. Growing up, though, my mum has always been an adi head. Always down to try something new, my mum’s adidas collection spans multiple categories, but mostly all with a common thread: vibrant colour and eye-catching pattern. From multiple pairs of the adidas ZX Flux to the adidas Campus 00s, one of my mum’s absolute favourite pairs is her adidas SL Vin in purple. These days, the pair are kept safe and sound in their original shoe box, but rest assured, they’ve lived a very fulfilled life.

,BAPE Morning Sta

Seb’s Mum – BAPEs and Birkis

Low key, my mum has some heat tucked away in her closet, from perfectly worn-in New Balances for gossipy brunches with the gals to Salomon XT-6s for leisurely strolls in the park with Dad. Although, if you catch her on a regular day, she’ll usually be rocking either some BAPEs or Birkis. The latter is a safe, mum-friendly choice, and she’s had countless Birkenstock Arizonas over the 40-something years she’s been alive.

As I was writing this, I sent her a text asking why she loved wearing Birkenstocks, and this is what she said: ‘I love wearing my Birkenstocks as they have the contoured insoles that mould around the arch of my feet. Over time, they mould to your feet, and that makes them even more comfortable to wear.’

Her second daily driver is a bit random, choosing the Stan Smith rip-off BAPE Morning Sta. I was actually with her when she bought them circa 2016; we were on a family trip in Hong Kong, and I decided to take Mum to the BAPE store. She perused the shelves, but nothing really caught her eye – until she spotted the crisp white and green sneakers, promptly asking the sales assistant for her size. Almost a decade later and Mum still regularly busts out the BAPES.

Hoka Bondi 7

Joey’s Mum – HOKA Bondi 7

My mom isn’t in the know when it comes to sneakers, but when she asked for new sneakers for her birthday last year, I got excited. She wanted something comfortable and light for her daily walks around the neighbourhood and occasional trips to Great Falls National Park (right outside Washington, D.C.). I went straight into research mode, and as someone who always finds curiosity in performance sneakers, I was torn between a few brands. Ultimately, I opted for HOKA, specifically the chunkier Bondi 7, for its lightweight and plush ride. She can’t stop singing the praises of the sneaker, to the point where she got family and friends hip to the brand who have since gone on to buy pairs themselves. Although we’re hundreds of miles apart, it warms my heart to see photos of my mom rocking the HOKA Bondi 7. Sneakers make me happy, and the HOKA Bondi 7 being able to do that for my mom is pretty cool to see.

white crocs

Anthony’s Mum – Jibbitz-less White Crocs

I recently bought my mum a pair of white Crocs to replace her favourite knock-off adidas slides she brought home from her retail job at the $2 shop. It’s quite ironic seeing my mum wear clogs literally everywhere, as she’s known for having expensive taste. She’ll match her Crocs with a designer LV bag on a lunch date with her girlfriends. No Jibbitz, though – that’s where she draws the line.

It was interesting to see my mother appreciate the simplicity and practicality of a pair of Crocs. It reminded me that sometimes it’s not just about the price tag but also how something makes you feel. And in this case, the Crocs seemed to be making my mother very happy and comfortable. Happy Mother’s Day!

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