Staff Picks: Our Favourite 'By the Door' Shoes!


Ever noticed that every time you have to run out the door you probably end up reaching for that same pair? The pair that you can just quickly throw on and will still have you looking fly enough to do anything from grabbing groceries or a quick bite to eat. Well, they are your old faithful 'by the door' shoes, your grab-and-go kicks you never have to think twice about. Best believe that Team SF have their own go-to's, so read on below to find out what they are, and why we stick by them no matter what!

Minh – Timberland 6-Inch Boot

Minh – Timberland 6-Inch Boot

My by-the-door, grab-and-go pair is the trusty Timberland 6-Inch Boot in OG yellow. I lace them with every second eyelet skipped in true New York style, and it also makes them extremely easy to slip on. They’re sturdy, waterproof and present perfectly with everything from jean jackets to down-filled GORE-TEX parkas. Even after countless grocery shop missions and torrential thunderstorms, my ‘Wheats’ still look freshly harvested. Just please don’t make me run in them.

Amber – New Balance 992

Amber – New Balance 992

No matter how many shoes I buy, and how many options I have, when I need to run out the door, I always end up reaching for my New Balance 992s (no matter how far from the front door they are)! Like any relationship, whether with a friend, a lover or a pair of sneakers, it's only natural that your love for that other significant person or object will transform over time. While the initial excitement for the pairs may have subsided, the love I feel for them now is not only undoubtedly stronger, bolstered by a feeling of comfort and familiarity. I don't think I'll be moving on from my 992s anytime soon!,

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Grey Fog'

Gabe – Nike SB Dunk Low 'Grey Fog'

It looks like the Nike SB Dunk is coming to the end of its hype-cycle. It’s a good thing, because my SB Dunk Low ‘Grey Fog’ have been smashed by mud and heavy rainfall over the past month. Dunks have been my go-to backdoor for a while now, they’re easy to slip on, laces loose – an ephemeral homage to the hype train. Choo choo!

New Balance 574 (Grey)

Cesca – New Balance 574

What makes a good by-the-door shoe? For me, the necessary criteria are as follows. Firstly, they need to go with everything. If I'm heading out on a whim, I may not have put much thought into outfit-shoe coordination, and thus am looking for a no-brainer option to put on my feet. Secondly – and come at me all you want - my chosen shoe will allow me to keep the laces done up when I pull it on. It will also, ideally, be at a middle-range price point, as my slap-dash technique often sees me step on the heel as I jam my foot in. Put down your pitchforks, people, this is a throw-on shoe we’re talking about. And besides, there’s charm in the beat, have-seen-some-shit look of a well-loved sneaker. Finally, they don’t have to be like walking on clouds, but I want them to be comfortable enough. So, what ticks the boxes? These days, it’s grey New Balance 574. They slot into most outfits, can be tugged on with ease, and if I wear one pair to the ground, I know I can replace them with a new pair, no sweat.

Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-Korika

Seb – Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-Korika

I purchased my pair of Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-Korikas back in 2019, and have worn them at a minimum twice per week since! According to my calculations, that is around 312 wears, and despite having been rocked everywhere, from late night 7-Eleven trips to Revolver Upstairs, they’re still in good condition. Subtle Kiko x ASICS flex aside, the reason these are my go-to ‘by the door’ shoes is because they’re so hardwearing and comfortable. Being ‘Triple Black’, I know there won’t be any stains or scuffs and that FlyteFoam midsole makes for a cushy ride.

New Balance 990v5

Anthony – New Balance 990v5

When the delivery guy comes through, when I need to quickly pop out to the grocer, or when I need to hit the exercise bike, my go to shoes are the New Balance 990v5. They're big enough that I can quickly slip them on and off without undoing the laces. They're not fashionable enough that I care about destroying them with day-to-day wear but just fashionable enough that If I ran into a friend I wouldn't feel naked. Finally their soles are so comfortable that I can walk in them for hours if I get sidetracked. They are the perfect 'By the Door' shoes.

Missoni x Malibu Sandals
via contra

Lucas – Missoni x Malibu Sandals

I didn’t grow up in a shoes-off household and still find it odd to walk around the house barefoot or in socks. Being so obsessed with shoes, I like to keep them on as much as possible so I can gaze into their meshy panels right up until I have to hit the hay. Therefore, the closest thing to ‘by the door shoes’ would have to be something from the nine pairs that don’t live in boxes and reside on a bamboo shoe rack in my sneaker room. If I had to take my cat for a walk quick sticks, I’d be slipping on my rainbow Missoni x Malibu Sandals.

adidas Samba

Chris – adidas Samba

This shoe changes a lot for me, for a period it was the Converse One Star, then New Balance 990v5, but currently it’s the adidas Samba. These and Campus' were my two choices for this past summer, so I guess my Sambas are still by the door because I’m clinging onto memories of sunny days. But it’s also a super universal shoe that I can wear anywhere.

Salomon XT Wings 2 Advanced

Simon – Salomon XT Wings 2 Advanced

When pandemic madness struck the world a lot of our priorities changed and with lockdowns in place, one of the only reasons we could leave the house was for an hour of exercise. I’m not exactly a runner, but a walker? That I can do. I became a firm advocate of Salomon and in particular, the XT Wings 2 Advanced, which are quite simply the best hiking shoe sneaker hybrid I’ve ever worn. They lock your foot in place from heel-to-toe and the Quicklace system means these are basically slip-ons. I never would have thought that a pair of Salomons would become my favourite beaters, but they are and two years later, they’re still going strong.,

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