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On the Rise: The Swiss Sneaker Brand That Roger Federer Is Repping

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Born among the splendour of the Swiss Alps, On entered the footwear game in 2010 with one goal: to revolutionise the sensation of running. Riding on the performance of their revolutionary CloudTec® cushioning, the brand has since forged a loyal legion of devotees, with over seven million people in over 55 countries running on Clouds. Now, a decade since their inception, On are ready to mount a full-scale assault on the sneaker game, taking their performance prowess into the realms of fashion and beyond.

Three Minds, One Mission

A passion project for three friends - Olivier Bernhard, David Allemann, and Caspar Coppetti – On started with the pursuit of a revolutionary running innovation: a cushioned landing, and a firm take-off.

As a three-time world duathlon champion and multiple Ironman winner, Bernhard knew a thing or two about pounding the pavement (among other terrain). However, it was his devotion to finding a shoe that would give him the ‘perfect running sensation’ that prompted him to cross paths with a like-minded Swiss engineer who had a fresh approach to cushioning tech. A seemingly perfect symbiosis of running experience and engineering expertise, the partnership catalysed the development of dozens of prototypes with the ‘cushioned landing, firm take-off’ ethos. On the verge of a breakthrough, Bernhard convinced Allemann and Coppetti to jump aboard his exciting new project and, just like that, On was established in Zürich in January, 2010.

Six months, dozens of prototypes, and a few illustrious design awards later, On had their first running shoe on the shelves. Fast forward to today, you can cop On at over 6500 premium retail stores worldwide, and they – like their followers – don’t look like slowing down.

Running on Clouds

On’s rapid rise hasn’t come by chance - they’ve ascended to the stratosphere of performance thanks to their game-changing CloudTec® cushioning. Championing the ‘soft landing, explosive take-off’ sensation, the technology’s adaptive qualities allow On’s offerings to deliver an unparalleled lightweight feel.

The highly responsive rubber Cloud elements cushion both vertical and horizontal forces for forgiveness in each stride, before getting you ready to move forward. As soon as you strike the ground, the Cloud elements lock firm to form a solid foundation for natural, powerful propulsion. Lace up, and prepare for take-off!

All Aboard the Fed-Express

On are striding into the sneaker realm with the backing of a GOAT: none other than Roger Federer. It’s not your average athlete sponsorship, either – the Swiss Maestro is set to help shape the future of the brand.

Roger’s next shoe sponsor has been a talking point for some time, but this partnership didn’t come about like many others. On spotted him wearing the brand, and they simply got in touch. A dinner meeting later, and he was on board.

Joining as an entrepreneur, Federer becomes a close partner, sharing his experience to take On’s product development and fan experiences to never-before-seen heights. He’s been working with the brand’s designers in the On Lab, forging a performance-infused, street-ready sneaker lineup – and it’s already piqued the interest of some renowned sneaker hubs – Bodega, Shoe Gallery, atmos, and 43einhalb, just name a few.

If On’s whirlwind ascension and faithful fan base are anything to go by, you’ll want to keep an eye on this ‘up-and-coming’ sneaker brand from Switzerland. Forecast: Cloudy, with a chance a steez.

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