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Event Recap: Nike Air Max Day + Boiler Room

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Take a breath, Airheads. It’s been a big month. With Air Max Day now behind us, and what is essentially Air Max Month drawing to a close, maybe Nike will take pity on us and allow us a day where we’re not thinking: ‘Do I really need two kidneys? Or would I be happier one kidney down, one pair of ‘Ultramarine’ 270s up?’

March was an unrelenting downpour of fresh Air, nostalgic colourways and resuscitated classics. In Melbourne, the month saw Nike turn the city’s popular Rooftop Bar into House of Air. To reach the roof, visitors first traversed the six-storey interactive gallery/installation dedicated to the evolution of the Air Max, culminating with the Air Max 270.

Celebrations on Air Max Day eve saw attendees treated to live painting from artists Aki Yaguchi and DocG, and talks and workshops by Nike collaborators Alex Hackett – aka miniswoosh – and Christie Morgan of Pitch Studios.

As the sun went down, the Boiler Room crew rolled in to transform the interactive playground into an interactive playground with some heaving decks smack-bang in its centre. To complement thumping tunes, crowd-driven interactive visual installations thrown up on massive projector screen behind the deck dazzled and hypnotised.

From our rooftop vantage point, we could see the rain rolling in across Melbourne’s skyline. But it didn’t matter – 270-sporting partygoers were having too good of a time to care. Out came the plastic ponchos and the party kicked on.

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