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Let’s Not Jump to Conclusions About the Nike Air Max 1 ’86 ‘Big Bubble’… Yet

Nike Air Max 1 1986 versus 2023
Lower image via @tommy_triggah

Sneakerheads can be fickle creatures. The latest example of this phenomenon is the discourse already hitting the timeline about the still-unreleased Nike Air Max 1 ’86 ‘Big Bubble’, a recreation of the earliest iteration of the iconic model. As quickly as the Swoosh have retrieved this largely ‘untold’ story from their history book, the commentariat has hit ‘post’, decrying the reissue to varying degrees of ferocity. Hold up – let’s take a step back and assess the situation.

Comment Storm in a Teacup

The SF IG feed went ablaze this past weekend after sharing an early in-hand look at the ‘Big Bubble’. Perhaps it was the engagement-baiting ‘How do you feel about them?’ question that fueled the fire that followed.

‘Disappointed! Banana shape and ugly toe box,’ said one comment.

‘Looks terrible. Like the 09 release. *facepalm emoji*’ came another blunt statement from an established sneakerhead.

‘It’s so annoying to have been told for months we were gonna get OG air max 1s only to end up with these Nike outlet looking things,’ was among one of the more scathing early assessments of the pair.

Other comments scattered throughout were a little more diplomatic and likely to share the following sentiments.

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