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Nike Air Force 1 Versus Dunk: Breaking Down the Differences

Nike Air Force 1 Versus Dunk

The Nike Air Force 1 and Dunk are very different shoes – but not everybody may realise that. Of course, you, dear Sneaker Freaker reader, can probably identify them blindfolded. But remember that everybody has to start somewhere on their sneaker journey, and one of the steps is knowing the differences between two of the Swoosh’s most iconic designs. So, whether you’re new to the sneaker game or a veteran needing a refresh, here’s the most straightforward guide to the major physical differences between the AF-1 and Dunk.

So, dear Sneaker Freaker reader, you now have no excuse not to know the major differences between the Nike Air Force 1 and Dunk. Happy shoegazing!

Want to learn more about the differences between iconic sneakers? Check out what sets the Dunk and Air Jordan 1 apart here.

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