NEIGHBORHOOD Burn Rubber With the Converse Chuck 70 and Jack Purcell

Converse Neighborhood Chuck 70 Pink Left 2

Originally linking up with Converse in 2017, NEIGHBORHOOD are back in the workshop for another overhaul of the trailblazing Chuck 70 and Jack Purcell. Boasting the aesthetic hallmarks of their legendary founder, Shinsuke Takizawa, NEIGHBORHOOD have again implemented the kind of militant and motorcycle stylings that fuelled the Harajuku streetwear scene 25 years ago. We linked up with Shinsuke ahead of the global release on August 24.

Converse Neighborhood Chuck 70 Pink Heel
NEIGHBORHOOD Converse Jack Purcell

What does the Converse Brand signify for you?
Original, standard, basic and classic.

Talk us through the inspiration behind your collaborations with Converse.
As with last time, the collection is inspired by motorcycles and music.

Looking at your most recent colab, where did this design come from?
The shoe lace strap on the Chuck Taylor is designed to not damage the shoes when shifting up the bike (engine). It is based on actualising your idea which comes up in your daily lifestyle, and with adding more details.

Neighborhood Converse Black Chuck 70 Close
NEIGHBORHOOD Converse Chuck 70

‘Resistance’ is written on the heel of the Jack Purcell. Can you expand on what that message means to you?
The Chinese character ‘抵抗’ and the meaning of Resistance is slightly different and, of course, this does not apply to any political point. When there’s a shift of movement there’s always a barrier or obstacles in order to move. I believe in our life, living everyday, we are facing continuous resistance.

NEIGHBORHOOD is famously informed by Americana. What does Americana look like to you these days? Is it changing?
Not necessarily all of my inspiration comes from Americana, it also comes from other cultures across the globe. I am respectful, and I try to understand as much as possible.

Converse Neighborhood Chuck 70 Pink Sole
NEIGHBORHOOD Converse Jack Purcell

How has Tokyo and Harajuku changed throughout your lifetime?
The city view/scenery has changed so much, and especially towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The city view is changing quite rapidly.

Finally, what does the future look like to you?
I am wishing for a good environment for the children in the future.

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