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Monthly Mods: The Best Custom Sneakers From September

Apple x New Balance i550

September was a wild month in the custom crep space! Over the past four weeks, sneaker-savvy creators have continued to pull apart all of our favourite silhouettes and rebuild them in ridiculously cool fashion. The selection is absolutely bonkers, and has allowed for an epic edition of ‘Monthly Mods’.

Dunks, SB Dunks, Air Jordan 1s and Air Force 1s continue to be the highlight of the custom sneaker space, and we have a bunch of the best for this September edition. One of the highlights is a creative Air Max 1 that’s been inspired by Lacoste polos. There’s also the Apple x New Balance i550 – a shoe that, if it was real, would sell quicker than the new iPhone. The pre-worn artificially-vintage sneaker trend is also still a strong presence, and coffee dyeing is starting to gain momentum.

Dive into the best custom sneakers of September down below.

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