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Material Matters: Leather Part 2

Mm Leather2 1Mm Leather2 1
Material Matters Leather New Balance Nubuck 2
Material Matters Leather Exotics Jbf 2
Mm Leather2 4
Mm Leather2 3
Material Matters Leather Suede Asics
Material Matters Leather Chromexcel Vans 2

You might have noticed that leather is a bit of a catchall term. Often ‘genuine leather’ feels the most rubbery and sometimes it’s hard to understand why one is more expensive than another. As with all things you can get the good stuff and the not so good stuff. Throw things like suede, nubuck and patent leather into the mix and the whole thing can be a little confusing. In an effort to simplify the strange and mysterious material, we’ve donned our Material Matters spectacles and plunged feet first into the world of differing leather types.

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