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Looking Back at Desus Nice's Viceland Sneaker Rotation

Desus Nice Sneaker RotationDesus Nice Sneaker Rotation

I thought that putting together a list of sneakers that Desus Nice has worn on Viceland would be a lay-up, a hack for doing nothing at work all day and watch the Bodega Boys got at it. I’d just go through each episode lazily grabbing screenshots and identifying models — but Desus didn’t make it that easy.

Young Chipotle is known for having mad shoes. He wore a different pair for every episode, and his selection goes deep. (In season two he wears a Magnus Alpha POAI Mid. No one knows what that is.) Plus, the way he crosses his ankles makes IDing a pain in the ass.

But the real issue was time. There are over 100 hours of on Viceland, and only so many hours in a nine-to-five to burn through, so instead we’re looking back at his rotation in 20-episode blocks. It’s not a chronicle of Desus’s rarest wears — it turns out there’s a data-fiend called DesusBloodyShoes who does that already — but rather an honest selection of the pairs in his rotation. Get ready for Timbs, sneakers that look like Timbs, possible Goyard Air Max 1 customs (really, can anyone else see what these are?), and the odd expensive flex.

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