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Laro Lagosta, the Sneaker Illustrator Instagram Deserves

Laro Lagosta 1Laro Lagosta 1

Laro Lagosta is a sardonic illustrator with a knack for taking the piss out of sneakerheads. That’s not a shot – his work is only cutting because it comes from a place of love, and gives us a chance to laugh at the stupid things we do and buy.

Those who keep up with sneaker Instagram will have seen his work. Whether it was a hypebeast caricature that hit too close to home, current releases imagined in odd locations or (most likely) a sentient skeleton reflecting on life as a sneakerhead, there’s every chance you’ve double-tapped one of Laro’s illustrations. What you're not privy to is the artist’s views on everything from Black Panther to sneakers that look like boobs. We dropped a line to probe these pressing subjects.

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