Kicks That You Should Wear on a First Date

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So, you’ve hit those DMs and landed yourself a nice lil’ date. You’ve booked a chic bistro downtown and picked out some fresh garms. Now, the only other thing to work out is what’s going on your feet.

Getting clowned is the last thing you want to happen – so you’ve scoured your entire collection, sussed our last first date guide, and still you have no clue what to wear.

That’s where we come into play. For those of you who are rookie daters, or just very indecisive, we thought we would curate a very specific list of shoes you should 100 per cent stunt on a first date.

Comme Des Garcons Converse Play Lateral Side Shot
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CDG Play x Converse

On that vital first encounter, there’s plenty of judgmental action taking place. You’re judging others, others are judging you and, you never know, the person sitting across from you may get bored with your basic Chuck 70s. It sucks, but it’s true.

Although a legendary staple in any sneakerhead’s wardrobe, sometimes your date may not understand. So, to combat the close-minded, get a little frisky. Opt for a colab or something a little louder than the normal black and white Chucks.

A highly recommended option would be the CDG Play x Converse. Not only does everyone know what they are but, if they don’t, the iconic heart on the lateral displays your fun and whimsical side. Plus, if the vibe goes a bit sour, it can always act as a conversation starter.


Nike Undercover Daybreak On Foot Lateral Side Shot
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Undercover x Nike Daybreak

We know what we said in our last one, but sometimes a little high-fashion flavour doesn’t hurt. Say the person you matched with on Tinder attended the latest fashion week – you’re going to want to spice up your fit. One way to do that without straying too far from the norm is with Undercover’s reinterpretation of the iconic 1980s silhouette: the Nike Daybreak.

The crazy heel unit and Undercover midsole branding makes you look like you know a thing or two about the high-fashion happenings. And, although it has nothing on A-COLD-WALL*’s Vomero, at the end of the night you may end up pashin’ all because you have that good fashion.


Axel Arigato Platform Sneaker Lateral Side Shot
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Axel Arigato Platform Sneaker

Not all of us have our height as the main feature in our Tinder bios. If you need a little height exaggeration when you lay down your moves, then a box-fresh pair of Axel Arigato platform shoes are the perfect fit. Subtle AF, made with premium materials, and decked out with a cushioned sole, you can stay extra comfy while your height is being boosted. Plus, these bad boys can be dressed up or dressed down, so they’re perfect for any occasion.

The price tag may be a bit steep for some, but it’ll be a worthwhile investment into your love life.


Adidas Samba White Black Lateral Side Shot
Image source: adidas

adidas Samba

You never know what dinner and drinks may turn into. One minute you're sitting in a cosy bar chatting about life, and the next thing you know you're at a club partying until dawn. Sadly for us sneakerheads, a crazy night usually means trashed kicks and one depressed morning. So, for the first date, opt for a disposable option such as the adidas Samba. Originally an indoor soccer silhouette, fresh out the box is the way to go, but once they get beaten up they look next level.

Classic enough to make a formal outfit look fly, and sporty enough to elevate the simplest of fits, this sophisticated bar-beater won't disappoint. Nobody can resist a man or woman wearing a nice Samba, so that's an added bonus.


Eytys Angel Medial On Foot Side Shot
Image source: @llifeisapigsty

Eytys Angel

After sussing your date’s IG, you realise they may be involved in some obscure urban subculture. Don’t be threatened, dive-in head first. Sort out an all-black fit and pair it with some exaggerated jewellery. But what goes on-foot you may ask?

Well, whether he/she is a Techno Goth, real Goth, or just into some weird stuff, the Stockholm-based brand Eytys and their Angel Sneaker will help put those poser pants on and slide right under the radar at the next warehouse rave.


Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 On Foot Lateral Side Shot
Image source: @monsieurbanana

Yeezy BOOST 700

If you’ve bagged yourself a cute hypebae, but you aren’t one to stay dripped down in BAPE, ‘Preme and Palace, there are still opportunities to have a little flirtatious flex. The perfect way to do so is with the Yeezy BOOST 700. Arguably one of the most recognisable Yeezys, it’ll make any hypebeast man or woman go bonkers.

It’ll have your hypebae wanting to give you a hype-kiss while their 20 KAWS figurines watch.


Although there are so many options of what to wear on a first date, the greatest thing you can wear is a smile. Be confident and be yourself, because that’s the most attractive quality when dating anyone!

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