Jason Markk Presents: Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet 2016 Recap

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Another Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet, another huge success! This time the event was presented by Jason Markk, who set up shop at the front door ready to clean any care-worn kicks. The more industrious vendors took advantage of this service to freshen up their stock and claim top dollar for it, but most punters were happy for Jason Markk’s detailing team to simply revive what they had on-foot.

As with every year, there was plenty of hype paraphernalia (one dude made $700 selling goddamn box logo stickers), but it was the limited releases, OGs, and samples from past and present that comprised the bulk of transactions. We saw people angling to swap their Jordan 12 ‘Wings’ for Fragment 1s, Yeezys trading hands left, right and centre, and one dude pushing some #VeryRare ‘What The’ Doernbecher Dunk Highs. We also saw the event spawn a new feature this year, and we called them ‘Ramp Traders’. These traders were kids who, around midday, started lining up along the Globe Warehouse entrance ramp, and were trying to sell shoes to attendees from their unsanctioned, improvised stalls. We respected the hustle, so we let it fly, but we did feel sorry for one salty-looking girlfriend who had been made to sit out the front advertising a pair of ‘Legend Blue’ Jordan 11s.

The May 2016 Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet was a W for all involved, and we’re amped to do it all again at the end of the year! Many thanks go to Jason Markk for helping to bring it together, to our friends at Globe for providing the space and to everyone who attended – especially the Ramp Traders.

Check out our photo recap of the event above, and @jasonupthere for additional shots.

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