It Really Was an Emotional Rollercoaster

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The month of February was much quieter than the two months before it, but that doesn’t mean there was a lack of genuine heat. Almost every weekend we saw crazy releases hit shelves and sell out instantly. Just when we thought our money was safe, major holes were burnt in our pockets. Now, while youre sitting at home with barely any cash to splash because you spent it on your sneaker addiction, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the month that was.

Despite the naysayers, the Air Jordan 1 continued to put out more colourways that sold out, Off-White kept working with Nike, McDonalds got a little salty, and the Nike SB trend rolled on.

Here were our top posts that had you guys acting like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons.

Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green Wtb Header

Where to Buy the Air Jordan 1 ‘Turbo Green’

Jordan Brand have dropped and retroed every colourway under the sun of their beloved AJ1, and it had us thinking: is this a trend that needs to stop? After we saw the the ‘Turbo Green’ we immediately retracted our statement, falling head over heels with the materials and the easy-to-style colourway. You were all keen, so we created an elaborate guide on where you’d be able to cop, but it still seemed as though many of you nursed a shattering L.

Black Sheep Nike Sb Dunk Black Hornet Angle Shot

Charlotte’s Black Sheep Delivers ‘Black Hornet’ Nike SB Dunk

The revival of Nike SB has left Dunk fans ecstatic. Despite what you think about the recent surge in hype for SBs, everyone can agree that the third edition of the Black Sheep x Nike SB colab was definitely a heater. Selling out quicker than you can say ‘Black Hornet’, it left many begging for a restock.

,Ambush Nike 180

The AMBUSH x Nike Air Max 180s Are Ready to Drop

Ambush finally put their money where their mouth was, stopping the teasing and actually dropping their Air Max 180s. Everyone was diggin’ the reinterpretation of the iconic 180. An extremely limited New York release saw many people handed major Ls. However, don’t despair, a global release is on its way.

Air Jordan 1 Panda Release

The Air Jordan 1 ‘Panda’ is back, baby!

Still flamin’ on in 2019, Jordan Brand brought back the OG ‘Panda’ design from 1985, fast forwarding it into the future and remixing it ever so slightly. White laces were replaced with black, and the Wings logo was plastered on the collar to help differentiate between the new and the old. The hype is building for the AJ1 ‘Panda’, so be sure to gear up for a release later on this year.

Am720 Wtb

Is the Air Max 720 a Beauty or a Beast?

The Air Max 720’s massive Air unit has people torn, questioning whether the new addition to the Air Max family is a beauty or a beast? Whatever your feelings are towards the 720, multiple pop-ups and events were held globally in the past month to give us a taste of what’s to come. What are your thoughts on the 720?

Nike Air Max 95 Japan Only Detail
Nike Air Max 95 Japan Only Official Right
Nike Air Max 95 Japan Only Official Quarter

Japan-Exclusive Nike Air Max 95 ‘Mt Fuji’

When photos were leaked via atmos director, Koji, everyone was in shock. Hype had already been brewing, and die-hard Air Max 95 fans were experiencing heart palpitations. Everything was better, the world was in perfect balance...

That was until the official pics were revealed a few hours later. While the colourway was bangin’, the massive ‘Just Do It’ plastered on the upper was a contentious choice. Will you still try to cop?

Nike Off White Air Max 90 Black Side Shot Where To Buy

Where to Buy the Off-White x Nike Air Max 90s

Even though it seems that Virgil Abloh’s ‘The Ten’ has turned into ‘The 10,000’, everyone was still wanting to get their fix of deconstructed kicks from the streetwear god himself. With the latest being the Air Max 90, it felt like every man, woman and child wanted to get their hands on a pair. Although we came through with a long list of raffles and stores where you could get your hands on both the black and the highly sought-after ‘Desert Ore’ colourways, some people still walked away empty-handed.

Mcdonalds Serves Up Salt Balenciaga

McDonald’s is Salty on Balenciaga

What’s tastier, McDonald’s fries or a Balenciaga mule? You tell us.

It seems Ronald McDonald was seriously pissed when he saw Balenciaga had ripped off the Golden Arches’ iconic chip packet. McDonald’s took to the Gram and blasted the copy. So what do you think of this Diet Prada moment? Is this plausible, or a stretch?

So, February pulled the old quality over quantity. We had ups, and we had downs, yet we still ended up with a higher shoe count and a lower bank account. What does the rest of 2019 hold?,

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