Introducing the Sneaker Freaker x G-SHOCK DW-5700 ‘Redback’

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Reader beware, youre in for a scare! Sneaker Freaker have reunited with Casio to resurrect an uber-rare slice of G-SHOCK history for our second watch collaboration: the DW-5700 Redback.

A successor to 2015’s ‘Nightowl’ DW-6900 colab, the Redback is a celebration of G-SHOCKs 35th year on the scene and our very own 15th anniversary, so we knew we had to come up with something amazing — especially with Halloween right around the corner!

Inspired by the small — but highly deadly — antipodean arachnid known as the Redback spider, we came up with the perfect opportunity to revive G-SHOCKs highly coveted ‘vampire display. This metallic blood red backing was last seen on just a handful of watches in 2003 for the watch brands 20th anniversary — and has never before been used in a colab!

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The DW-5700 Redback features a Cool Grey matte resin housing and matching band, but flip it over and the backside is as venomous as the name suggests. Crimson band backings link to a devilishly black ion-plated co-branded backplate. Cobwebs ride up the lengths of the band, while subtle Sneaker Freaker and Redback custom branding on the display add the perfect colab touch.

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The Sneaker Freaker x G-SHOCK DW-5700 ‘Redback’ is slated for a limited release worldwide this November, but there’s an extra special treat for buyers who nab one through our online store on November 1.

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Every Redback purchase through the Sneaker Freaker webshop will receive their terrifying timepiece housed in custom coffin packaging, complete with limited-edition Redback pin and exclusive matching STANCE Ventron foot covers.

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