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Interview: Tyshawn Jones Cements Legacy with Second Signature adidas Skateboarding Shoe

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After coming to notoriety for his part in Supreme’s 2014 Cherry video, Tyshawn Jones put the world on notice with his unapologetic attitude and flawless trick selection. Impressed by his skating, adidas Skateboarding swiftly signed Tyshawn as a team rider. Four years later, he backed up with a mind-melting part in Supreme’s 2018 Blessed video, and his determination led to him receiving the coveted award of Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year. Not long after that, Tyshawn released his first signature skate shoe with adidas Skateboarding.

These days, Tyshawn has successfully opened a family-run restaurant in the Bronx named Taste So Good, been a professional skateboarder for Fucking Awesome for five years, and is part-owner of the skate apparel and hardware company Hardies. This month, Tyshawn launched his second signature model with adidas Skateboarding, the Tyshawn Low, which is available now at all your favourite skate shops. After testing out a pair of the Tyshawn Lows, Sneaker Freaker hit him with a few questions to see what he’s up to, and what keeps him motivated!

Yo Tyshawn! Congratulations on your second signature model with adidas Skateboarding! Debuting with a mid-cut shoe really set you apart from the rest of the pack. So, what prompted you to transition to a low-cut model?
I made the mid-top because I felt it spoke so much to me. I wanted to do something that was generally different and not the same old shoe. The low cut is just an extension of a shoe I already thought was great but now I feel more people can relate to how great it is.

How long did the end-to-end process take with adidas Skateboarding on this release? And how long were you field-testing your new signature before it finally hit shelves?
It took about a year because we side changed the sole moulding, which makes a shoe take way longer to complete. I was testing them for about nine months before they dropped.

Have you noticed a difference in performance skating in the lows? And how do you want people to feel when wearing them?
I think I just feel good overall! It affects your performance in a positive way and this shoe makes me feel good when I put it on. I want people to feel free to do whatever they want! Go skate, go ride a bike, go hang in the park. Do whatever you enjoy.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on how you launched the Tyshawn Low to the world. Was it important for you to be louder with this release? If so, why?
I don’t think this launch was louder. Overall, I think it was just much more spread out and not just an NYC campaign because that’s where I’m from. So, I think with us coming up with that marketing tool it helped more people get a visual of what was coming.

Your influence in the skate community is undeniable. What do you see as being your role in helping to inspire the next generation?
I just want kids to do whatever makes them happy and stay true to themselves because that’s what I do. My role is showing up with determination and hard work. Anything is possible. Not just being a pro!

You recently mentioned that adidas give you the freedom to be as creative as you can be. Why is this of such great value to you?
It’s of great value because I get to express myself the way I want to, and that helps the product turn out the best.

How important is your relationship with Scott Johnston for the design and execution of both your signature models?
Scott Johnston is the man. I love him. Super nice, sweet dude. He always hears me out and is a legend. Without him, these shoes won’t exist.

At 22, youve already accomplished so much. You won Skater of the Year, own a restaurant, have two signature shoes, and your name is on a board. What’s the next mountain you want to climb?
I have a lot more I want to accomplish while still being appreciative of what I’ve done. There are great things to come. I won’t speak on it because I don’t like to speak on things that haven’t come to fruition yet, but I’m not done!

The adidas Skateboarding Tyshawn Low is available at all good skate stores now, including Fast Times, U.P.S., and Lo-Fi.

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