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Interview: Goodhood Chat Sneakers, adidas Projects and... Cryptocurrency?!

Goodhood store front
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Located in London’s effervescent Shoreditch district, Goodhood is an award-winning retailer started by obsessive streetwear savants Kyle Stewart and Jo Sindle. While boutiques specialising in streetwear and sneakers aren’t exactly few and far between, Goodhood’s ‘continuous curation’ of their inventory has been earning them widespread adoration since opening in 2007.

Remaining true to their brand identity, culture, and level of service, Goodhood have built a strong collaborative portfolio, with their most recent sneaker project alongside adidas one of the hottest (somewhat literally) collaborative offerings from the Three Stripes we’ve seen in 2021. Fresh off the back of that drop, we caught up with the Goodhood crew to chat about their latest collaboration, and what else we can expect to see in the coming months. What’s good in the hood?

goodhood x adidas campus official
goodhood x adidas campus official
goodhood x adidas campus official
goodhood x adidas campus official

Yo! Thanks for the chat. Let’s start off by discussing the inspirations behind the design of your latest adidas Campus 80 collaboration? The heat-activated details are insane.
Thank you. The inspiration for us is always the icons of clothing and, in this particular case, we were thinking of the legendary style masters: the Beastie Boys. We wanted to do an ultra-premium classic Campus with a subtle detail that caught people’s attention. I’d worked with Thermochromic dyes early on in my career, and devised ways that patterns could change form when activated. The adidas team had access to an Italian producer that was able to make it happen very easily.

Rewinding back to your past projects, in particular with Vans, it seems like you guys prefer the classic silhouettes. What draws you to these styles?
We just have a lot of respect for the culture and heritage of clothing, so we land on the classics often. However, we’d always try and bring them into a new context.

Obviously, the past year has been very tough. Has the pandemic made the collaborative process more difficult?
No it hasn’t. Most of our collaborations were started before the pandemic. What I would say is a lot of our connections and friendships were started over a beer. Obviously that process has been impacted greatly, and the digital version is far less engaging.

Goodhood store
Goodhood inside

How have you had to adapt as a business?
For us in the UK, our shop was closed down for over 10 months. We ran a very busy store in London, and planning has greatly been affected. Not knowing whether you can rely on a channel of commerce has created havoc. We’ve adapted as best we can.

We have already been investing in online for many years, so luckily we had a good functioning webstore already. However, the greatest adaption we have made is in trying to control our stock… and I will admit, it has been very, very hard.

What can we expect from Goodhood in the future?
Domination, baby!

Do you have any dream sneaker collaborations?
A shoe that uses the energy from the sole compressing and releasing to mine Bitcoin.

Don’t forget – you can still cop the Goodhood x adidas Campus right now via Goodhood’s webstore!

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