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Iconic Pop: The Greatest Boy Band Sneaker Moments

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Boy bands tend to get a bad wrap in most social circles. Yes, sometimes they're music can be corny, but you still can't get it out of your head. Yes, with the benefit of hindsight, some of their outfits are cringeworthy. However, by definition, they're styled to be bang on-trend. And, after all, they are always precisely manufactured to appeal to the masses, so they try not to ruffle too many feathers.

Nowadays, they don't have quite the same stigma, as K-Pop takes the world by storm, and streetwear goes mainstream. So, you're more likely to see them stunting in Supreme than in no-name sneakers.

With so much change in the pop style landscape, we've taken a look back at what's been on the feet of our favourite boy bands over the years.

These days, the boys have left their cookie-cutter boy band personas in the past and, four or five comebacks later, they've developed some middle-age cool. AJ always had the most street cred, and he definitely has the best rotation now. Whether he's busting moves in 'Black Toes', strutting in 'White Cements', or boogieing down in Bape NMDs, he brings some much needed drip to the mid-40s crooners.

Of course, these days it's all about Justin, and he doesn't waste any time busting out the bangers and stunting in his latest Jays.

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