IAMDDB on Her Journey From Converse to Foam Runners

IAMDDB interview
via Jess Govinden

IAMDDB is a UK-based Angolan artist and songwriter who’s all about keeping the themes of reconnecting and reinventing at the core of her creativity. Through cut-throat realism, timeless music and wellness, IAMDDB is aiming to raise the vibration of her audience, with a particular focus on ‘the womb of each female listener’. IAMDDB has also just collaborated with eBay on OG Drops, where she donated a pair of Air Jordan 1 Mids for a special charity raffle! A Converse faithful turned Foam Runner fanatic, get to know IAMDDB below.

Talk about your journey as an artist. How did you get into making music?
My journey as an artist was quite simple. My daddy is a musician and always had a studio in every house we lived in. I grew up around musicians and instruments, so it really was embedded into my subconscious. Music has always been my passion – I studied performing arts in high school, did a music course in college, and haven’t looked back since. I have been a successful full-time recording artist for nearly seven years now.

How would you describe your music? What’s it all about?
My music is my truth, my therapy, the place I go to dissect my emotions, the place I go to create and manifest my dreams and desires, the place I go to heal, the place I go to foretell what’s to come, a place of peace, beautiful chaos. But most importantly, a place I go to express the life form and the emotions of the life I embody.

How has your heritage influenced your sound?
The fact I am Angolan and grew up listening to so many different genres has definitely influenced my musical palette. I hear music in different rhythms and tones. I hear layers that my ancestors would have been chanting back in the day in their village. I feel like my culture has helped me cultivate a sound that is only mine, unique to me and every sound I jump on.

IAMDDB interview
via Jess Govinden

When did you first get into sneakers? How important are they to you?
For me, it’s all about comfort and looking fresh. I think my first pair of trainers were Converse, classic black pairs. I loved those shoes so much! I think, from that point, it started a shoe obsession for me. I am not too great at keeping up with all the trainer names, but I definitely know how to put a fly outfit together for some fly pair of kicks!

You’ve decided to list your Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Kentucky Blue’ for sale. What did the pair mean to you?
These were actually the first pair of Air Jordan 1s I have ever owned. At first, I didn’t really like them, but they grew on me. I hardly ever wore them, so having them be part of eBay’s OG Drops campaign helped them go to a deserved new home where they will be more of a priority, and it also helps make a rare sneaker accessible to everyone.

Do you think wearing sneakers puts you in a different frame of mind when writing songs or performing?
I think looking fly overall makes you feel better about yourself – not to sound superficial. But I think when you care about your appearance, it does give you more confidence naturally! That’s how some of the greatest references to shoes, clothes and brands came to exist!

,IAMDDB interview ebay og drops
via Jess Govinden
IAMDDB interview ebay og drops
via Jess Govinden

What’s your absolute go-to sneaker these days?
Yeezy Foam Runner! Most comfortable pair of sneakers I have once they got accustomed to my foot size.

Whether it’s music, fashion or another industry, who are your heroes and why?
I don’t have heroes, but someone I look up to highly is Bob Marley, Miles Davis and Nat King Cole. They were all divine masculine and were so regal, raw and vulnerable when it came to their artistry. I aim to one day reach just 10 per cent of that level of vulnerability and greatness. I think this is what the music industry is lacking. Real, Raw Vibes straight from a FULL soul.

Do you aim to empower women with your music? If so, how?
One hundred per cent with every song – whether I am talking about how men ain’t worth it or shaking our nyash, my music’s true intention is to raise the vibration of the womb of each female listener. If I can influence every female listener to activate that fire within and live a life without fear of the unknown or judgement, I can say I have done a good job!

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