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How to Effectively Downsize Your Sneaker Collection

Minh Cutting Sneaker Collection HeaderMinh Cutting Sneaker Collection Header

There are times when some sneakerheads probably wish they were centipedes. Despite owning dozens, if not hundreds, of pairs of sneakers, we can only wear one pair at a time. After a while, that can become a crushing realisation. Eventually, the penny drops, and we simply cannot continue to house our entire collection.

After your writer came to the same epiphany over the holiday break, radical management techniques have been brought in to cull the stash.

Yes, it can be hard to get rid of sneakers. After all, some of us treat them like children. Each and every one special in its own way, and they all have a story to tell. However, if you can bring yourself to accepting that they are ‘just shoes’, a tidy little downsize could be life-changing.

Here is our guide to thinning down the herd. The hardest part is deciding which shoes to keep. Our methods begin with some simple practices, before some complex formulas are introduced to help you judiciously cull some kicks.

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