How to Be a Minimalist Sneakerhead

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By definition, a minimalist is someone that lives a simple and decluttered life without too many possessions. The physical items that they do own either hold a specific purpose, or have deep emotional value. Our definition of a minimalist sneakerhead is slightly different. In our eyes, a minimalist sneakerhead is a shoe enthusiast that looks for meaning and purpose in their cops, rather than just copping for coppings sake. Almost constantly in the process of decluttering their collection, they only keep pairs that are near and dear to their heart, or serve an essential purpose.

Whether your current sneaker collection spans five or 500 pairs, here’s how to become a minimalist sneakerhead.

The Mindset

The most important aspect of your new life as a minimalist sneakerhead is your mindset.

The minimalist sneakerhead mindset mainly applies to your future cops and sneaker acquisitions. We aren’t saying don’t buy anything at all, because that’s impossible, but before you make a purchase, ask yourself whether you really need them. If you do, you also need to identify the specific purpose this new pair will serve in your collection.

The final aspect of the minimalist mindset is keeping your collection in check. If you notice that you’re consuming too much, or your stockpile of sneakers is starting to become overwhelmingly big, then you need to find the inner strength to cull.

Being a minimalist sneakerhead is a way of life. It helps bring peace and new balance (pun intended) to those who have previously felt trapped by sneaker clutter and unnecessary jawns. Have you got what it takes?

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